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Identity theft is on a rise worldwide and every day thousands of people are affected by it. However, the main problem is that people are not well aware of this new type of pickpocket where the thieves are sitting far away from you and still be able to steal your personal information.

They then use your details to scam you and loot money from your account or use it for illegal tasks. But, there are some insurance companies that provide protection plans to help fight against stolen identities.

These companies charge you on a monthly or annual basis to keep track of your identity and notify you about any mishappening. However, the protection plans may cost you a lot in the long run but if you cannot spend much on them then there are also some companies which provide identity theft protection at cheap prices.

In this article, we share with you the best cheap identity theft protection plan that won’t cost you a fortune but may save you a fortune! So let’s get started.

Best Cheap Identity Theft Protection Plans

  1. Zander: Starts at $6.75 per month
  2. Identity Force: Starts at $17.99 per month
  3. Identity Guard: Starts at $7.50 per month

1. Zander Identity Theft Protection: Cheapest Among All

cheap identity theft insurance


  • Affordable individual and family plans
  • Provides insurance worth $1 Million
  • Quarterly credit reports

We start off our list of the best cheap identity theft protection plans with the cheapest identity theft protection company and its none other than Zander. If you are looking for affordable protection plans that can protect you and your family’s identity then you cannot get a better deal than Zander.

Zander offers two identity theft protection plans, one is for individuals and the other one is for families. The Individual plan is priced at $6.75/month or $75/year while the Zander Family plan will cost you $12.90/month or $145 when paid annually. Believe us, you won’t find any identity plan cheaper than this.

Both the plans offer basic identity protection which is enough for most cases of stolen identity. It protects you and your family from the data breach, identity theft after wallet loss, and dark web attacks. In terms of personal information protection, you are totally secure with Zander.

However, Zander is not as effective in monitoring Credit reports as other expensive plans but it does provide a quarterly credit report through

It alerts the users to check their credit reports at regular intervals so that they can take quick action in case of financial identity fraud.

Still, if your funds are stolen, Zander provides you a reimbursement worth $1,000,000. So overall, zander is the best cheap identity protection plan you can buy for yourself and your entire family.

2. Identity Force: Affordable Credit Monitoring

Affordable credit monitoring


  • Complete ID theft protection
  • Effective credit monitoring
  • Provides protection worth $1 Million

Identity theft mostly results in financial frauds hence it is important that you keep track of your credit reports on a regular basis. Doing this manually can be a daunting task but by subscribing to an identity theft protection plan that offers credit monitoring, it becomes easy to keep an eye on your wealth.

Identity Force is one such identity theft insurance company that provides effective credit monitoring at affordable prices. They have two plans, UltraSecure and UltraSecure+ which are priced at $17.99 per month and $23.99 per month respectively.

The UltraSecure plan is mostly focused on protection of one’s privacy and personal information from data breach, dark web attacks and lost wallets.

The UltraSecure+ plan on the other hand provides complete protection from stolen identity frauds i.e financial as well as all other frauds related to personal details. It is very effective at monitoring your credit reports as it evaluates your credit score from all 3 credit bureaus and also provides credit score tracking and simulation service.

With both the plans you get insurance worth $1 Million which helps you recover your lost funds in case of financial fraud. Overall, if you are looking for a cheap identity theft protection plan that also offers good credit monitoring then you can consider going with Identity Force.

3. Identity Guard: AI-Powered Protection

identity guard


  • Monitoring is done through AI
  • Complete protection from stolen identity
  • Reimbursement worth $1 Million

Next on our list, we have an AI-powered identity theft protection plan from a company called Identity Guard.

Just like Zander, Identity Guard also provides protection for both individuals and family. Both the individual and family plans are further divided into three categories named Value, Total, and Ultra.

The individual plans are priced at $7.50, $16.67, and $25.00 while the family plans will cost you $12.50, $25.00, and $33.33 for Value, Total, and Ultra protection plans respectively.

Out of the three plans, the Value plan is the cheapest and is focused more on basic identity theft protection like dark web monitoring, data breach, and safe browsing tool, etc. However, it doesn’t provide you credit monitoring facility. For that, you have to subscribe to their other plans. Overall, if you are looking to just protect your identity online you can subscribe to this affordable identity theft protection plan from Identity Guard.

The Total plan on the other hand provides you a credit monitoring facility with all basic identity theft protection that you get with the Value plan.

The Ultra plan is the most expensive plan from Identity Guard that you can opt for and it provides you complete protection from all types of identity theft including credit monitoring scores from all 3 credit monitoring bureaus.

However, irrespective of which protection plan you choose, you to get a reimbursement amount of $1 Million in case of stolen funds with all plans. Also, there is a mobile app that you can download to check your identity theft-related notifications on the go.

Overall, Identity Guard plans are not as affordable as Zander but it does provide better functionalities and if you can stretch your budget a bit then you can definitely consider going with Identity Guard.

Cheap Identity Theft Protection Plans: Final Verdict

Out of the three protection plans, Zander is the cheapest and provides good overall protection from identity theft. However, you can also go for the basic plans of the other two companies we shared here as they are also affordable and provide good features.

Although basic plans are cheap and provide protection from stolen identities and privacy, they are not as effective when it comes to monitoring your credit scores. So if you are concerned about someone stealing your money you can go for the premium plans of these companies.

The premium plans offer complete protection from identity theft including personal details and credit monitoring.

We know premium plans are more expensive than basic plans but then they also provide you more security against identity frauds. So they are worth it.

A quick tip to save some money on these plans is to buy the annual package than the monthly retainer price. This way you can get some good discounts on the protection plans.


How Much Do Identity Theft Protection Cost?

The price varies from company to company but you can expect to pay around $30 per month for complete protection against stolen identity.

Are Identity Protection Plans Worth It?

In these times where scammers are out to steal your personal information at every cost, identity protection plans seems totally worth it.

Which Is The Cheapest Identity Theft Protection Plan?

Zander is the cheapest protection plan you can get.