identity theft insurance for family

Many times identity thieves behave like parents and other times like children. Identity thieves can impersonate any close relatives using stolen information!

Thieves don’t just take money from bank accounts, they also exploit other people’s identities to just get credit for huge purchases, medical care, take tax returns, and improve their personal lives in plenty of other ways. They can even utilize your great name to keep them out of jail.

With costs as little as $12.50 a month, you can protect every individual in your family. Just like our best identity theft protection plans for couples, now we’ve put together a list of the best identity theft protection services for family that are both reasonable and offer a lot of value. Each corporation has agreements in place to collect $1 million theft.

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What Does Identity Theft Protection Plan For Family Include?

Protection and settlement are the two major services offered by the finest family identity protection policies. Some even offer credit-monitoring services.

Use of “dark web” to screen chat rooms whereby Cybercriminals trade stolen personal information and provide you with fast warnings if your information is identified as stolen.

One example of receiving a real-time notification is when anyone applies for a personal loan using your identity.
A worker approaching credit bureaus for assistance to recover your FICO ratings is one example of fraud resolution. The other example is now firm financing legal fees and proves that your child did not purchase a superyacht.
With yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily credit reports, credit monitoring may be available. Some anti-theft solutions are centered on a single credit bureau (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). Others offer FICO scores, and they may include updates from all 3 main credit agencies.

Additionally, some good identity theft protection plans for families go further than theft protection to assist in the economic well-being of your family. They may include credit-improvement simulations as well as counseling and financial tools.

Rates start at $12.50 per month, with standard protection of $1M per member of the family. A million dollars may seem like a lot, but legal bills can soon add up. Note that addressing ID fraud takes time for individuals and therefore programs include wage replacement of $7,500 every month.

Top Identity Theft Protection Family Plans

1. Identity Guard – Best Overall

identity guard family protection


  • A single price for the entire family
  • Scanning the dark web with IBM Watson
  • Notifications and responses to cyberbullying
  • A credit score from TransUnion and early 3-bureau report is available on a monthly basis.
  • Alerts about tax refunds
  • An examination of the newsfeed on Facebook
  • Professional case manager to resolve ID theft
  • Notifications for your bank account
  • Reimbursement of any amount between $1 million of stolen monies

The award for “overall most appropriate identity theft protection family plans” goes to Identity Guard.

They are extremely cost-effective, with the lowest family coverage costing only $12.50 per month and providing close to $1M for stolen money restitution per individual.

Identity Guard does have a good reputation, with just an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and feedback from over 50 million clients.

Dark web surveillance, cyberbully notifications, fraud protection, and great security while browsing for mobile and desktop devices are the core features of Identity Guard.

All seniors and youngsters in your household can be covered by a single subscription. Every member of the household has their own login. Parents can now see the data of youngsters, but they can’t access each other’s accounts. The following is a summary of the most important advantages.

Among the major advantages of this company’s options is dark web scanning. The company has partnered with reputable companies like IBM Watson to scan for stolen information utilizing supercomputer powers.

IBM Watson, for instance, keeps track of chat forums where thieves post stolen social security numbers, Medicare ID numbers, among other sensitive information.

Early warnings can allow you to reset your passwords when your financial information is compromised.

2. LifeLock – Best For Families With Senior Citizens

identity theft protection plan for family


  • 360 Norton online security program
  • The message, call, and notifications sent in real-time
  • Credit is immediately frozen.
  • Credit reports from three bureaus
  • Scans of the dark web
  • Scans of file-sharing websites
  • Tracking of bank accounts
  • Crime warnings
  • Security for your wallet if you misplace it
  • Restitution of monies $1 million

The company’s plan also includes Norton 360 subscription. Generally, the rate is not ideal for families with several members, but LifeLock seems to be the best choice for a senior family member living alone. For just $25.99 per month for the first year, the LifeLock plan offers a maximum of $1 million in ID theft protection.

Each plan may offer you significant security warnings through text or email, while LifeLock allows you to put a credit freeze on your account right away to help prevent identity theft.

The feature of prevention from cybersecurity threats is available on both mobile and desktop devices, and it is also effective while using public WiFi. Norton allows you to safely monitor your email and bank accounts by establishing a virtual private network.

Credit tracking, credit/banking card notifications, notifications regarding offenses committed under your identity, and more are all included in LifeLock membership.

3. IdentityForce- Children’s Identity Theft Protection

identity force family protection plan


  • Authentication using two factors
  • Credit monitoring by three agencies
  • Help with a misplaced wallet
  • Scanning the dark web
  • Court documents are being monitored.
  • Identity tracking on social networking sites
  • Potential identity fraud notifications in real-time
  • History of bill payments
  • Simulator to help you increase your credit score
  • monetary guidance
  • Opt-out from junk mail
  • Restitution of up to one million dollars

IdentityForce is a wonderful bargain for family identity protection for those with one kid or a football team.

The company’s ID Protection policy covers two adults and as many youngsters as you like, with each enrollee receiving around $1 million for ID fraud compensation. Cybersecurity (Windows only) is included, as well as the online dark web, 24/7 surveillance of public data, and any financial account.

IdentityForce’s $35.90 per month plan is a great option if you don’t have a credit monitoring service. This includes a credit enhancement simulator as well as a credit history from either of the three main bureaus every quarter.

When you currently have a credit monitoring system, the UltraSecure Family Plan ($24.90 a month) is a cheaper identity theft protection option. The plan is also available for a 2-week free trial.

IdentityForce uses two authentications for a sign-in account. It means that if someone else inputs your login ID and password, two authentications assure that you have access to the account and the identity thief needs to pass one more security check.

4. Experian IdentityWorks – Real-Time Notifictions

experian identityworks


  • Experian credit reports are updated on a daily basis.
  • Credit locking is instantaneous.
  • FICO reports are issued every three months.
  • Credit notifications in real-time
  • Simulator of credit
  • Recompense amount between $0 and $1,000,000
  • Help in the fight against fraud
  • Monitoring on the dark web
  • Preventing payday loan scam

This is a good option for a family that is trying to safeguard its individuals from identity fraud because it’s provided by a few of the huge credit monitoring companies, you can expect thorough credit and financial monitoring.

Now let us have a look at the advantages and drawbacks of Experian IdentityWorks prior to actually deciding if it’s the perfect solution for you or not.

During our evaluation of IdentityWorks, we discovered that it does not just offer good core security, but also has a comprehensive collection of financial surveillance and budgeting capabilities too.

Experian IdentityWorks covers the entire financial spectrum, from payday loan surveillance to significant balance change notifications to inactive account monitoring to new credit inquiry alerts.

All these are excellent safeguards for families that have had a difficult financial history and those who are recuperating from adversity.

They’re also a good choice for single-parent households, particularly those with several kids. They segment their products such that a single adult can acquire a plan for themselves rather than their children, or for themselves and a spouse. This adaptability is crucial and well praised.

5. Zander- Most Affordable ID Theft Protection For Family

zander insurance


  • Family coverage at an affordable price
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
  • All rounded ID fraud prevention
  • With the help of a professional case manager, you can restore your identity for three years.
  • Other insurance packages can help you save money.

Zander is just an insurance company that has been around for nearly a century. Zander also provides the most economical ID theft protection for family coverage, in addition to property owners and other regular insurance policies.

Minors are covered free under the $12.90 a month plan, as well as the advantages, which are extensive. Because of Zander’s heritage in general insurance, the firm does quite well to combat vehicle-related frauds like your keyless cars getting stolen.

Each Family policyholder is eligible for any amount between $0 and $1 million in compensation, as well as $7,500 per month in salary substitute for income earners. (Most competing companies, by comparison, will set a monthly salary substitute cap of $5,000.) A project manager will help with the settlement of identity theft lasting for three years.

Zander does not provide credit reporting. So It is advisable to add free yearly credit statements as well as free credit files to a Zander plan.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family From Identity Theft?

As even more people and their families become aware of the increasing issue of identity fraud, they are now questioning, how well they can protect themselves.

Unfortunately, anyone can be a victim of identity theft, but the best part is that you can avoid it with a little more caution, and with the development of a few healthier habits, you can drastically reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

Consider subscribing to a reliable ID theft protection plan for the family as a first step. There are many of these services currently on the market, each with its own set of features.

Consider options that include a triple bureau monitoring service, bank account warnings, dark web scanning, and cybersecurity protection.

Don’t want to pay for a subscription? That’s all right. There are still measures to safeguard yourself against identity theft for free.

Among the most effective methods, is to set a credit freeze from all three of your credit agency reports. Con artists will be unable to open accounts or take loans in your name as a result of this.

However, you should be aware that this also prohibits reputable organizations from obtaining your files, and you’ll need to remove this restriction.

At the very least, once every year, you should review your credit reports. Every year, you are legally eligible for a free print of your credit history.

Keep an eye out for accounts you do not really know or transactions you didn’t make. Your credit score can also be a strong predictor of identity theft activities. If it begins to decline suddenly, it’s a solid sign that something’s wrong. Once a month, take a look at those.

You can also lower your risk in everyday life by following some precautionary measures. Examine your mail at least once per day. When you don’t receive something you expected, especially if it is just a bank statement or even a utility bill, notify the providing institution.

If they send it off but it did not arrive, it may be in the hands of a con artist. Also, destroy anything that contains your personal details before shredding it.

Always store high-value documents such as a social security card and your passport hidden away from prying eyes. And to abstain from becoming a part of the RFID-related thefts, use anti theft wallets, antitheft school bags, anti-theft crossbody bags, anti-theft cards, or anti-theft sleeves.

Your SSN card or passport should not be in a location where anybody except you can access them. This is also true for your cash and gadgets. Do not leave your money on the counter when going to use the restroom, and don’t keep your laptop in your vehicle when you’re dashing into the supermarket.

Also, don’t give out your personal data to organizations that do not need it, especially if you feel their cybersecurity measures are lacking. Keep your exposure to a minimum, your tennis league is unlikely to require your social security card.

Finally, take necessary measures while you, your partner, and your kids are online. Invest in a virtual private network (VPN) to protect and encrypt your connection to the internet if you can.

Otherwise, use antivirus software and maintain excellent digital hygiene. And if your laptop is stolen, use these anti-theft software to track stolen laptops.

Please ensure each user’s account password is secure and distinct, and be aware of untrustworthy online retailers. Limit the amount of sensitive data you publish on social networking sites, and don’t reply to emails requesting personal details, despite how credible they appear to be. There is no decent company that will ever require users to email their passwords.


Which Are The Best Identity Theft Prevention Plans For Family?

All the plans listed in the article, Identity Guard, LifeLock, Identity Force, Experian IdentityWorks, and Zander are good for protecting your family from identity theft.

How Much Does LifeLock For Family Costs?

LifeLock just costs $25.99/month for the first year with a reimbursement amount of $1million.

How Do I Protect Myself From Identity Theft?

By taking a few precautions like not revealing your ID and passwords to anyone, not sharing them on untrustworthy websites, using RFID products, checking credit reports, you can easily evade identity theft.

How Can My Family Protect Their Social Security Number From Theft

Don’t share your social security number with anyone or any company you don’t trust and never keep your SSN card in your wallet.

Is Identity Theft Protection For Family Worth It?

Yes, identity theft protection plans are totally worth every single penny you spend on them because in a single plan, your whole family is covered.