anti climb products to secure theft

What is a place where you feel most comfortable? Home, right. Everything inside these walls is your own and you feel good around your stuff. But are your belongings actually safe inside these walls? Thieves, animals, and even some innocent kids playing in the street could climb over your walls.

These instances can pose a danger to your belongings and your hard-earned money. But what can you do, you might wonder? There are plenty of solutions to this problem.

In this article, we will be mentioning many kinds of anti-climb security products and methods which can stop any unwanted guests to your premises. So, let’s get started.

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What Are Anti-Climb Security Products?

These type of cases are normal where a thief leaps over the wall of the house and steal a lot of stuff from someone’s house. Ordinary house walls are extremely easy to leap over, and your belongings are not at all safe inside your house.

Anti-climb products are installed on the walls of your house to prevent anyone from climbing over them. They come in the form of spikes, rollers, paints, etc.

Best Anti-Climb Products That You Can Use

1. Anti-Climb Spikes

Anti-climb spikes are sharp pointy spikes that can be installed on walls, fences, gates, etc. Any attempt to climb over the walls with these things installed will hurt the thief enough to keep him/her away from your house.

Moreover, if you find any spike set which has a hideable design, buy those. A sudden sharp poke to the thief’s hands will surprise them and it will definitely hurt bad.

These spikes are extremely easy to install, but getting a handyman to install them will be better as it assures you of some professional work done.

Grovind Anti-Climb Spikes is an excellent spike set that you can install on your house walls to prevent thieves from climbing over walls and stealing your stuff. These spikes also prevent birds from sitting on your walls and spoiling them.

Grovind spikes are made from plastic and are extremely pointy. Also, the white-greyish finish makes them hideable and they cannot be easily spotted by the burglar.

anti climb security products

2. Anti-Climb Paint

Anti-climb paint is a non-aggressive way of keeping robbers away from your belongings. Once applied, anti-climb paint makes it nearly impossible to climb over the surface as it makes the surface very slippery.

Warning signs are often used with these paints to provide a discretion warning and this also keeps thieves away in most cases. Anti-climb paints can keep your belongings safe and are affordable.

Anti-climb paint is the best product in case you want to go easy on the robbers whilst you keep your stuff safe.

3. Anti Climb Paint Warning Sign

If you think that anti-climb paint is not a good investment, you can just get a warning sign that says that anti-climb paint has been used on the walls. This will deter the thieves away and keep you from being robbed.

The best way to use these signs is with paint, but you can use them without the paint too. These signs will keep the thieves away. You can find these signs on amazon for a very reasonable price.

NGFD Security Warning Sign is an excellent product that can keep thieves away from your property. It states, “THIS PROPERTY IS PROTECTED BY ANTI-CLIMB PAINT.”

Each corner of this rectangular sign has holes that make it extremely easy to hang or screw onto surfaces. It can be used outside houses, bars, hotels, clubs, etc.

Anti climb NGFD warning sign

4. Anti-Climb Roll Barriers

These anti-climb rollers are to be installed on top of gates, walls, or fences. As the name suggests, these rollers have rolling cups that stop any unwanted access into your territory.

Anti-climb roll barriers are also a non-aggressive way of protecting your belongings against robbers. Roll barriers are very easy to install and are cost-efficient. You will not have to spend a fortune for theft proofing your home using this method.

How To Use Anti-Climb Security Products?

For installing most of these Anti-climb security products, you would need to get a handyman. Although you can apply the anti-climb paint on the walls yourself, it is, however, recommended to get professional help.

The Anti-climb warming signs are extremely easy to install and you can yourself hang them near the walls. They usually come with pre-drilled holes. Just pass the wires through them and you’re good to go. You can also screw them onto walls. The choice is clearly yours.

Is Anti-Climb Paint Legal?

Yes, it is legal to use anti-climb paint on your property. However, you have to use a visible and clear display sign which highlights that anti-climb paint has been used on your walls.

The paint protects your house from being robbed and there is nothing wrong with protecting your stuff, but you will have to be careful about the signs. You can get in legal trouble if you do not get a warning sign with the paint.


Do Anti Climb Spikes Work?

Anti-Climb Spikes are a very efficient way to protect your premises from unwanted companies. They are highly aggressive and hurt a lot when someone tries to climb over a wall and encounters them. They also prevent birds from sitting and defecating on the walls.

How Do I Stop People From Climbing My Fence?

You can use anti-climb products like spikes, paint, roll cup barriers, and warning signs to deter thieves away. These methods are commonly used to keep the robbers away.

Can I Use Anti-Climb Paint On My House?

The paint used to climb proof your premises usually has a dark color, so prevent using it on all of your houses. Also, it gives a slippery finish to the surface after it is applied. But you can still use it on fences, wall tops, flat rooftops, etc.

How Does Anti-Climb Paint Work?

Anti-Climb Paint is a completely safe, non-toxic, and non-aggressive way of dealing with people climbing over your house’s walls. It makes the surfaces slippery and almost impossible to climb over.

What Can I Legally Put On My Fence To Stop Burglars?

Fence spikes, anti-climb paint, and rolling barriers are some of the legal and easy ways to accessorize your fencing so that you can stop theft.