When it comes to wallets and phones, they are always in our pockets, our extra cash is safely kept in banks, and [...]

Identity Theft is a serious crime in which a scammer steals your identity i.e. your personal information and uses [...]

Men are highly obsessed with wallets. They consider it as a part of their apparel, so they tend to look for [...]

Theft is the most common form of crime that happens around the world. Be it travelers, school, or office goers, [...]

There is fierce competition in the automobile market. Car manufacturers these days try to provide new and advanced [...]

The cars are getting automatic, TVs are getting bigger, phones are getting smarter and thieves are getting [...]

Be it your primary or secondary school, or your college, there’s a high probability that there are some [...]

RFID which stands for Radio Frequency Identification is a technology through which data is wirelessly transmitted [...]