Be it your primary or secondary school, or your college, there’s a high probability that there are some naughty students who are more than ready to steal your belongings.

And it’s quite easy to steal from your backpacks as compared to your wallet since your bags are not always with you. That said, your backpack might hold more precious belongings than your wallet sometimes.

This leaves you with no choice but to get something for yourself that make your belongings theft-proof even while you are not physically present there.

That something is what we call anti-theft backpacks. These backpacks are built in such a way that a thief will not able to figure out easily that how to get their hands on your belongings. Having a theft-proof backpack prevents theft or at least delays it so you can prevent it from happening.

Now let’s start with the list of best anti theft backpack for students before it’s too late and you find something missing in your usual backpack.

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Comparison Table For A Quick Decision Making

(Best Overall)<br>Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

(Best Overall)
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

  • Slashproof
  • Locking compartments
  • RFID blocking pockets
  • Water-resistant
  • Safest backpack
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(Best Design)<br>XD Design Bobby Pro Backpack

(Best Design)
XD Design Bobby Pro Backpack

  • Lockable zippers
  • Built-in USB port
  • Looks stylish
  • Eco-friendly bag
  • Water-proof
  • RFID blocking pockets
  • Bottle strap and phone holder
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(Best For Women)<br>Sherpani Indie Anti-Theft Backpack

(Best For Women)
Sherpani Indie Anti-Theft Backpack

  • Zipper tunnel and zipper locker
  • Chair lock available
  • RFID protective pockets
  • Slash-proof
  • Water-proof
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Best Anti-Theft Backpack For Students In 2021

1. HFSX Vintage Backpack

hfsx school bag

Let’s start the list with a product of HFSX, a brand that makes reliable anti-theft bags. HFSX Vintage backpack is unisex in nature. So be it a boy or girl, everyone can savor its stylish design.

With a casual dimension of 17 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches, and a weight of 1.98 pounds, the backpack has a casual size and light in weight. So it won’t be a hassle carrying the bag on your shoulders.

You have different color options to choose from, like black, blue, gray, pink, purple, and white red. So you don’t have to settle with a single color, just pick the one that you feel will look cool.

There’s a separate compartment for a laptop that can easily fit a 15.6-inch laptop. Other than that, there’s a front pocket where you can keep normal stuff, mostly something that’s not much valueable.

The main compartment is quite roomy for your books and notes, and you can keep your valuable stuff as well, as it’s more hidden than the front pocket. Inside the main pocket, you will also find multiple pockets for your pen case, purse, and so on.

After zipping up the chain, you can use the lock shackle to prevent the chains from opening. This can be a useful feature of the bag for those who travel to college on a busy bus or train.

For more safety of the main pocket, there’s a flap available that closes with exquisite buttons.

On one side of this anti theft backpack for students, you will find a USB port and headphone jack. Now for those who don’t know how to use them for charging or listening to music, let me tell you that when you insert the USB or earphone jack inside their respective ports, they can be seen from inside of the backpack in one of its pockets. Now simply insert the phone or power bank with the jack from inside the bag. Your phone is ready to get charged or deliver the music without carrying it in your hands.

The water-resistant nature of the bag makes it ready to use even while it’s raining. So with HFSX, you don’t need to worry about your laptop getting damaged.

Other components of the backpack include soft and breathable padding on the back and shoulder, which makes it easy to carry the bag all day long.


  • Comes with a lock shackle for additional security
  • Multiple pockets available for different uses
  • The bag comes with built-in USB and headphone jacks
  • The USB charging cable comes along with the backpack
  • HFSX backpack is water-resistant


  • The bag doesn’t have a luggage belt
  • Not slash-proof

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2. Tzowla Backpack

tzowla anti theft backpack for students

Tzowla anti-theft school/college backpack for students is already a choice of thousands of students, and you’ll probably like it as well.

The dimensions of the bag are quite normal, that is, 20 x 5.5 x 11.8 inches, with a weight of 1.8 pounds. So despite being a unique school backpack, it seems to be a completely normal backpack.

With different color choices, you can buy the backpack that suits your style the most. The color option include black, red, blue, bluecamo, gray, purple, and red.

You can easily fit a 15.6 inches of laptop in the backpack and there are a lot of pockets that can hold your other stuff.

For an all day comfort, the bag is built with a high-quality polyester material and padded shoulder straps.

Now let’s talk about the bag’s anti-theft qualities. On the top of the backpack, you’ll notice a fixed password lock that makes your bag chains unzippable.

So if you want to keep some valuable stuff in your backpack, it would be the perfect place to keep them.

The side pockets of the bags always come without zipping and this anti-theft student backpack is no different. But to make it a little secure, you’ll notice an exquisite button for the side pocket.

For a better convenience, there’s a USB and headphone jack at the side with an included USB cable. So you don’t need to keep your bulky power bank in your hand while charging your phone.

This backpack is a good option for travelers as well. On the back of the backpack, you’ll notice a luggage strap so you don’t need to carry it on your shoulder every time. Just place it over your suitcase or trolly and

If you are one of those people who are not good at keeping the keys safe, then you’re going to like the bag even more. Inside the backpack, you’ll notice a key holder where you can hang your keys.

Water resistant nature of the bag gives the complete utility.


  • Fixed password lock for security
  • Exquisite buttons for the side pockets
  • USB and headphone jacks for easy charging and music
  • Luggage strap available for easy carrying
  • Keyholder built inside the backpack
  • Tzowla backpack is water-resistant


  • The bag is not slash-proof
  • The charging port might not work in some cases

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3. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

travelon school and college bag

Want the safest anti theft backpack for students to keep your belongings safe? Say no more, this backpack by Travelon is the most secure bag on our list and maybe on Amazon as well.

This stylish anti-theft backpack is a little compact in size, that is, 12 x 6 x 6 inches, but still decent to hold all your school stuff including books, stationery, and more. Despite being a smaller backpack, it can easily fit your laptop. And multiple other pockets are available to keep other stuff.

You make make choice of color from black-1, midnight, nutmeg, and pewter.

Now coming to the part that you have been waiting for, the anti-theft properties of the backpack.

First of all, the backpack chains come with a locking compartment to keep your belongings safe from pickpockets while you are traveling on a bus or train.

Some thieves prefer cutting down the bag’s body silently, instead of opening the chains for stealing. But this backpack right here is a tough one to deal with.

With the slash-proof body of the bag from all the sides and the bottom of the backpack, bag slashers don’t have a chance of stealing from you.

The anti-theft properties of the backpack are not over yet. You’ll be impressed to know that the backpack comes with RFID blocking pockets. It might be a little disturbing to know but some thieves use advanced technology to loot you. They won’t even touch you, but you’ll be broke in no time.

These thieves use the hand-held RFID readers that can easily record your data transmitted from your cards which can result into identity theft, or money theft.

But as the backpack comes with organized RFID blocking pockets, you don’t need to worry about such advanced loots.

With so many advanced features in the bag, how can you expect it to be non-waterproof? The backpack is completely waterproof to keep your electronics and notes safe.


  • The backpack is slash-proof
  • The backpack chain comes with locking compartments
  • RFID blocking pockets make the backpack safe from RFID readers
  • The bag is water-resistant
  • The safest backpack that you can find for yourself


  • The backpack doesn’t have a USB and headphone jack
  • No luggage strap available

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4. Kenneth Cole Vegan Leather Bag

best anti theft backpack for students

Leather stuff just makes me go bananas. And if you too are a big fan of leather goods, then this anti-theft leather bag is going to make you fall for it.

With a capacity of 1750 cubic inches, the backpack has enough space to fit all belongings that you need to carry to your college. You can make an idea of its spaciousness with its 16” H x 12” L x 5.5” D dimensions.

The weight of the backpack is 2.3 lbs, which is a little more than the other bags on the list, but 2.3 lbs backpacks are considered fine. It’s not like you’ll burn out wearing it for a long time.

You have 3 different color options to choose from. If your love for black is never ending, go for the black color, or choose the brown color for a classic look. If you want something different, grab the cognac color.

The backpack is made up of high quality artificial leather. So basically, no animal was hurt while manufacturing the backpack.

Kenneth Cole leather bag has multiple pockets and compartment so you can organize all your stuff according to your needs.

The pocket in the front zipper of the backpack is made RFID-proof. So if you have a passport or credit and debit cards that emit radiofrequency, consider them protected from RFID readers.

Other than students, this anti-theft backpack is a great steal for travelers as well. The first thing that makes it travel-friendly is that it’s quite spacious. Secondly, the bag comes with a luggage strap that makes it easy to carry the backpack on a trolley.


  • Extremely spacious
  • Comes with the luggage strap for easy carrying
  • Made with high-quality artificial leather
  • The front zipper has RFID blocking pocket
  • The bag is padded for comfortability


  • The backpack is not waterproof

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5. Oscaurt Backpack

oscaurt anti theft backpack for students

Looking for an anti-theft backpack that is so stylish that it turns every head that walks by? Oscaurt backpack is what you need then. Completely vogue, anti-theft, and whatnot?

The unique design of the bag will slay every heart looking for a new backpack. The dimensions of the backpack are 11 x 5 x 17 inches and it weighs 2.3 ounces. So it passes the general comfortability test. The backpack comes in three different color combinations, black, dark gray, and gray. and you can choose anyone that goes perfectly with your school apparels. My personal favorite is gray.

The main compartment of the backpack is spacious enough to fit a 15.6 inches laptop easily. Plus the other pockets and sections are available to keep other stuff like books, pens, pouches, notepad, and much more.

For those who tend to return late from their classes, it gets quite risky to return home in the dark due to the running vehicles on the road.

Such students should always have something reflective on their body, in order to avert some mishap. The Oscaurt anti-theft backpacks for students have reflective strips that can shine bright at night.

The water resistant nature of the bag makes sure your notes and electronics are secure, making the backpack an ideal choice for the students.

The zipper of the backpack is kept hidden to secure your belongings from the uninvited guests that you can meet anywhere anytime. In addition to the main zipper, even the side pockets are designed with security. The bottle or the umbrella that you keep in side pockets can be hidden behind the additional bag fabric.

Keeping your phone charged is a necessity, you never know when and how can get into some dicey situation. So you need to keep your phone by your side with appropriate amount of battery.

The Oscaurt backpack comes with an inbuilt USB port that you can use to charge your phone without having to carry the bulky power bank in your hand.

If you are looking for something that can be your daily catch for attending classes and once in a while travels, consider yourself in luck. This backpack is quite spacious and comes with a luggage strap for easy carrying.

Check out the backpack on Amazon before they are all gone for good.


  • Looks very fashionable
  • Comes with reflective straps
  • The bag is water resistant
  • The zips of the backpack are hidden
  • USB charging port available
  • Luggage strap available for easy carrying


  • The backpack is not slash-proof

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6. XD Design Bobby Pro Backpack

bobby pro anti theft school backpack

Here’s an exclusive backpack from XD Design that promises to offer the exclusive design while giving the best protection to your belongings.

Bobby Pro anti-theft backpack surely costs you an arm and a leg, but it’s one of the safest backpacks that you will find on Amazon. It’s a bag with a decent size of 11.4 x 6.1 x 17.5 inches and a weight of 2.64 ounces. Plus it’s quite spacious. So you don’t need to worry about the backpack getting too heavy or not spacious to fit your laptop and books altogether.

Different color options like black, blue, and gray are also available to make it more appealing to students of all ages.

The inner compartment of the backpack is divided into 3 different sections so you can well organize your stuff. Plus, there are plenty of additional pockets to carry other important stuffs.

The high-quality zippers of the backpacks are hidden for safety, moreover, the zips are lockable (lock not included). And the zippers are not accessible from the front. But even if the thief figures out where the zips are located, they won’t be able to get into your bag.

Due to its cut-resistant nature, this backpack is made to handle the harsh conditions easily.


  • Zippers are lockable
  • Built-in USB port
  • Looks very stylish
  • The bag is eco-friendly as it is made with recycled products
  • The backpack is water-proof
  • Comes with RFID blocking pockets
  • Bottle strap and phone holder included


  • Very expensive

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7. Sherpani Indie Anti-Theft Backpack

sherpani anti theft backpack for students

Here comes the last backpack on the list but certainly not the least. Despite having a unisex design, the backpack is specially made for women.

It has decent dimensions of 10.00 x 6.00 x 14.00 inches and weighs just 1.26 lbs. But it’s a small backpack that can fit a 13-inch laptop plus some other essential stuff.

Other than that, it’s unique and appealing design, different color choices like carbon, copper, loden, and sterling, makes you love the backpack even more.

To make the bag anti-theft, it comes with a zipper tunnel and a zipper locker. So it won’t be a piece of cake for the thief to enter your backpack.

Another thing that makes this backpack a sweetheart is that it comes with a chair lock. If the thief finds it difficult to open the zippers, they might simply run off with the bag. But with a chain lock, this is not an option for them.

RFID protective pockets of the backpack help you carry your cards without caring much about the digital thieves.

While traveling on crowded public transport, the thieves try to enter your bag by simply cutting down your backpack from below. But to fail their efforts, the below part of the backpack is designed with a slash-proof body.

Your essentials hates water as much as you hate the thieves. So to secure them from rain and water splashes, the backpack is made water-proof.

Check this backpack on Amazon fast, just a few pieces are left in stock.


  • Zipper tunnel and zipper locker makes your protective
  • Comes with a chair lock
  • RFID protective pockets
  • The body of the bag is slash-proof
  • The backpack is water-proof


  • Not for men
  • The size is bit small

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How To Choose The Best Anti Theft Backpack For Students? Buying Guide

A lot of people might purchase a wrong product because of their unawareness about how to purchase the best anti-theft student bag. But this buying guide will help you make a wise decision by enlightening you with all the factors that you should look for.

1. Dimensions

Before anything else, the first thing you should look for is the dimensions of the backpack. If the dimensions of the backpack too small or too large then you might end up wasting your money.

Make sure the bag you are choosing is just like a normal school backpack and there’s enough space to fit your laptop, notes, stationary items, and other essential stuff.

2. Anti-Theft Properties

Buying an anti-theft backpack without having anti-theft properties doesn’t make any sense, right? But there are hundreds of student backpacks on Amazon that are just being sold without having any special anti-theft features.

So , make sure the backpack you are getting for yourself has lockable zippers, slash-proof body, waterproof, chair lock, and RFID blocking pockets.

Now you might not find all the properties in one bag alone. But make sure the backpack as at least the majority of these features.

3. Other Useful Features

Anti-theft backpacks usually come at a higher price than your usual school backpacks. So they need to provide you something extra. Some of the anti-theft bags have a USB charging port and headphone jacks for greater user convenience.

You can also find a luggage strap at the back of the backpack to carry it on the trolley backpack while you are using your backpack for travel purpose.

I guess these are the main factors that one should look for before purchasing an anti-theft school backpack for themselves.


What Are The Best Anti-theft Backpacks For College Students?

Travelon Classic Backpack and Sherpani Indie are the best anti-theft backpack that you can purchase to safeguard your belongings.

Are Anti-theft Backpacks Worth It?

Yes, anti-theft bags are totally worth buying. They can secure your expensive stuffs from thieves through their built-in anti-theft properties.

How Common Is Bag Slashing?

In crowded places like public transport, backpack slashing is a common affair. But some anti-theft backpacks are made slash-proof to avert bag slashing.

How Do I Choose A College Backpack?

To choose the best backpack for your school or college, make sure it is anti-theft. You can check for the properties like hidden zippers, slash-proof, RFID blocking pockets, waterproof, built-in USB and headphone jacks, and lockable zippers.