Bags are your best companions on every trip of your life, whether it be a long trip or just a ride from home to school or office.

Bags are always there to help you and various kinds of bags have stepped into the market during the last few years, depending on the need of the market. Anti-theft bags are another variety in the world of bags.

These bags are always there to hide your stuff from robbers so that you are not deprived of your belongings and they do not fall into the wrong hands. RFID blocking pockets in bags protect you from RFID theft and identity theft. These pockets are the best way to safeguard your identity.

Nowadays, you’ll need a bag even while you go for a morning walk or to the gym. But there is a slight difference between the regular backpack and the bag you need while doing these things.

A fanny bag is a bag that can be worn around your waist. All the stuff that you need during your workout sessions will come in handy with these bags. Also, these bags are multipurpose, so you can use them anywhere you want.

We have brought for you the list of best anti-theft fanny bags that can be found on Amazon. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

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Best Anti-Theft Fanny Bags: Comparison Table

(Best Overall)<br>DAITET Money Belt And Undercover Fanny Bag

(Best Overall)
DAITET Money Belt And Undercover Fanny Bag

  • RFID blocking pocket
  • Adjustable waist belt length
  • Special mobile pocket
  • Waterproof, sweatproof, and non-itchy material
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(Best Design)<br>Venture 4TH Slim Minimalist Design Money Belt

(Best Design)
Venture 4TH Slim Minimalist Design Money Belt

  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable nylon construction
  • RFID blocking pockets
  • Water-resistant
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(Cheapest Overall) MAXTOP Large Fanny Pack

(Cheapest Overall) MAXTOP Large Fanny Pack

  • This is a unisex product
  • Waterproof material
  • A reflective loop has been provided
  • Headphone wire hole prevents tangled cables
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(Best For Travel)<br>Travelon World Travel Waist Pack

(Best For Travel)
Travelon World Travel Waist Pack

  • Dirt-resistant material
  • RFID blocking pockets
  • Roomy front pockets
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7 Best Anti-Theft Fanny Bags For Men And Women

1. MAXTOP Large Fanny Pack

best antitheft fanny bags for men and women

Looking for an anti-theft fanny bag that guarantees safety? MAXTOP large anti theft fanny pack is here to secure your stuff. Being Amazon’s bestseller for its safety and convenience features, this bum bag has gained the trust of thousands of its customers.

Ideal for shopping, traveling, walking, cycling, hiking, workout, holidays as well as festivals, this unisex fanny pack would make a great gift for everyone. Plus the adjustable strap makes this waist bag fit all body sizes.

You can have all your stuff like passport, ID card, credit cards, organized in one place. Now, you will not need to run last moment rush searches when you need access to these documents, just open the bag and you have them all.

The material of this anti theft travel fanny bags is water-resistant so that your stuff does not get ruined in case the bag gets wet. Moreover, the lightweight material makes this bag easy to carry. You won’t get tired even if you wear this bag all day long.

A safety reflective loop can save the day even when not expected. The reflective loop is useful for night walks and on a foggy day, making it a travel safe fanny pack.

Headphone wire hole has been provided in the bag so that you do not get caught between tangled cables and damage your headphones.

4 pockets have been provided with 1 hidden pocket so that you can keep stuff more well ordered. Also, you can keep the confidential stuff inside the hidden pocket.

The user gets 23 color options to choose from, so grab the one that fits your style and choice.


  • This is a multipurpose product
  • The bag is unisex
  • Made with waterproof material
  • A reflective loop has been provided
  • Headphone wire hole prevents tangled cables
  • 4 pockets have been provided
  • 23 color options


  • No RFID blocking pocket

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2. Herschel Waist Pack

herschel waist pack

With a very large and spacious front pocket, this bag can carry all your daily essentials. Herschel waist pack is made up of lightweight and signature fabric for a better comfort. The stylish black color can be replaced with 9 other color options so that you can have a bag that you like and goes with your clothes.

Anti-theft school bags have been in the news lately, but you can’t use them while gymming or going for a run, can you?

For these daily workout sessions, you need a bum bag that can carry and secure your phone, as well as other essentials. This bag will do its job in the best way you can imagine by keeping all your stuff safe and sound in its secure pockets.

The small and hideable size of this hip bag makes it anti-theft as you can keep this travel fanny bag under clothes. Just pull your shirt over this bag and you’re good to go. The zipper of the pocket is very durable and it is made easier to open and close with the pebbled leather pull.

A waterproof fanny pack like this can never fail to impress you with its performance. Also, the capacity is enough to have all your essentials in this bag.


  • Spacious pocket
  • Ideal for gymming and running
  • Compact size that can be easily hidden under clothes
  • Durable zipper
  • A pebbled leather pull make this product easy to open and close


  • No RFID blocking

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3. DAITET Money Belt And Undercover Fanny Bag

best antitheft fanny bags by daitet

As the name suggests, this bum bag will work for you as if you have an undercover/hidden device at your service. Cut-resistant material of the fanny bag makes it extremely reliable and you can carefreely use it anywhere you want.

You might know that even wallets have RFID blockers nowadays, so why should bags stay behind. Bags with RFID blocking pockets are nothing new in the market.

The manufacturers have made this travel fanny bag with RFID blocking technology so that you are safe from identity and RFID theft and can efficiently guard your hard-earned money against hi-tech robbers.

After you have this bag, you can secure your RFID emitting cards as the pockets of this hip bag can block all kinds of radio-frequencies.

Adjustable elastic waist belt makes this bag very comfortable. Also, the size of the belt can be adjusted to the desired size.

A special mobile phone pocket prevents your phone from getting scratched while it is kept with other stuff.

The nylon material is waterproof and the back mesh makes this hip bag moisture-absorbent to give you a sweat-free and non-itchy experience.

Even with all these features, if you are not satisfied with this product, you get a no-hassle money-back guarantee, no questions asked. All these feature make it the best anti theft waist bag that you can buy from Amazon.


  • RFID blocking pocket
  • Adjustable waist belt length
  • Special mobile pocket
  • Waterproof, sweatproof, and non-itchy material
  • 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee
  • Comfortable elastic waist belt


  • Just 2 color options have been provided

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4. Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Waist Bag

anti theft fanny bag by levis

RFID blockers are a must when it comes to anti-theft products, this bag is no different. It provides protection against electronic pickpocketing and RFID identity theft so that you do not have to suffer through the distress and financial harm caused by this kind of theft.

Durable nylon material is the key to the dependability of this product. You can easily keep your valuable belongings inside this RFID fanny bag and be nonchalant about them getting into the wrong hands.

An ultra-slim design can be discreetly hidden under your T-shirt and shirt so that you can carry the bag anywhere and keep all your confidential documents safe with yourself.

With multiple compartments for your stuff, you can keep your belongings more organized and do not have to look for specific things in a mess.

This is a unisex product so that all of us could buy this fanny bag without any sexual category barrier and get the best out of this bag.

There are 5 color options to choose from so that the user can get the color of their choice that best fits their style.

2 different pockets have been provided and both of them have RFID blocking. Plus the size is enough to fit your phone and passport easily.


  • 2 RFID blocking pockets
  • Durable nylon material
  • This is a unisex product
  • 5 color options to choose from
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Lightweight material


  • No money-back guarantee

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5. Travelon World Travel Waist Pack

travelon anti theft fanny bag

Here comes Travelon anti-theft waist pack, a company that has the gained trust of millions of satisfied customers. Travelon has brought for you, 100% imported polyester material fanny pack. 2 color options have been provided, peacock teal and black, you can choose the one that you like.

An adjustable belt is always helpful. The belt of this bag is adjustable up to 52 inches, so it fits almost every size and frame.

The water and dirt-resistance ability of this bag will surprise you. You can go on for months using this bag and it won’t even catch dust. And even if it does look a little smudged by dirt, just wipe it with a clean cloth.

RFID theft is not a new thing now, and with Travelon anti-theft waist bag, you don’t have to care about these tech-savvy burglars as the bag has an RFID blocking pocket for the enhanced safety of your identity and hard-earned money.

Moreover, the RFID fanny bag’s pockets provide you with enough room to fit in a passport, your mobile phone, and other essentials.

You can easily access all your stuff because of the front zippered pockets. These pockets save you the time and frustration that you waste when you have to take the bag off your body just to get a paper out.


  • Adjustable belt length
  • Water-resistant material
  • Dirt-resistant material
  • RFID blocking pockets
  • Roomy front pockets


  • No money-back guarantee has been offered

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6. SYCNB Unisex Waist Bag

anti theft fanny pack by sycnb

With soft material and easy ventilation construction, this waist bag is best for you if you are looking for a bag for your workout sessions. Also, the adjustable elasticated waist belt adds to your convenience. You can adjust the belt according to your choice.

Two different zippered compartments will help you allocate, organize, and access your stuff in a more clean and easy way. Both the compartments have enough room to carry your daily essentials.

Furthermore, the design prevents you from feeling discomfort and any kind of strain. The waist belt is very firm and will not break off easily.

This product is suitable for all ages and is unisex. No gender barriers can stop you from using this product. Also, the compact size makes it hideable under your clothes.

A headphone jack has been designed for your convenience and it is also very beneficial for you if you workout. No more tangled cables are to be dealt with if you have this bag at your service. This also prevents the risk of damaging your earphone cables.

You can easily wash this bag if it gets dirty, just machine wash it or hand wash it. Avoid tumble drying and you’re good to go.


  • Soft and air permeable material
  • Two zippered compartments have been provided
  • Firm waist belt
  • Adjustable waist belt length
  • Headphone jack included
  • Easy to wash


  • This bag is not water-resistant
  • This bag is not dirt-resistant
  • No money-back-guarantee is offered

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7. Venture 4TH Slim Minimalist Design Money Belt

venture money belt

Our list ends with another comfortable, lightweight, and durable fanny pack that can secure your identity and money. The waterproof material is another plus point of this product and will prove to be a great asset for you.

The breathable fabric helps you carry it anywhere you want without any discomfort or suffocation. This bag can easily secure your social security card, passport, credit cards, and other valuables.

An adjustable waist belt can extend up to a maximum of 56 inches so that it can fit all sizes and frames, and the belt is easily adjustable.

RFID blockers that have been provided in this bag are surely going to protect you from electronic robbery, no more worries about thieves. Also, the compact size can help you hide this travel fanny bag under clothes.

The nylon material is very durable and provides the bag with exceptional strength and resistance to any kind of rough environment. Wear and tear is not at all the problem with this bag.

A money-back guarantee is also offered, in case you don’t like or are not satisfied with the product. The company would get in touch with you within 24 hours after you register for a refund, no questions asked.


  • Comfortable material
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable nylon construction
  • RFID blocking pockets
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable waist belt length
  • A Money-back guarantee is offered


  • This bag is not spacious enough as compared to other anti-theft fanny bags

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How To Choose Best Anti-Theft Fanny Bags For Yourself: Buying Guide

1. Comfort

Wearing anti-theft fanny bags on the waist can often cause discomfort, irritation, and problems like rash.

Choose an anti-theft fanny pack after researching about the material and comfort of the pack. Trust me, you don’t want a bag that causes physical discomfort.

2. Anti-Theft Properties

There is no use in buying an anti-theft fanny bags that does not secure your confidential information and your hard-earned money.

Buy a bag that is assured to save the day when you are the target of the robbers.

3. Dimensions

The dimensions really depend on your choice. If you want a larger bag, buy a larger one, else you can buy a smaller one.

If you want all your essentials like credit cards and passports in a bags, then buy the one that has a bigger dimension. Similarly, if you want them for daily use, you can grab a smaller one.


What Are Fanny Bags Commonly Used For?

Fanny bags are usually used to keep money and other essentials for easy accessibility.

Are Anti-Theft Fanny Bags Easy To Steal?

Fanny bags should always be worn and taken care of. These bags are very easy to steal if not worn properly.

Do RFID Blockers Of Anti-Theft Fanny Bags Work?

Yes, they do. RFID blocker of fanny packs really block radio frequencies form your cards.

Are Fanny Bags Secure?

If your fanny bag is anti theft then it is secure as it will have hidden pockets and radio frequency blocking pockets.

Are Antitheft Fanny Bags Worth It?

Yes, antitheft fanny bags are totally worth it as it can secure your belongs that you need daily.