Best antitheft screws for license plates

Everyone loves their cars more than anything and would always want to protect the cars and other things that are even related to them which might be at the risk of getting stolen.

We are always ready to find anything and everything which can be used to protect our cars from the dirty hands of the cheats and thieves who want to steal the cars you bought from your hard-earned money.

We have already talked about how thieves steal keyless cars and how you can protect them with the help of the best key fob protectors. But do you know how important the license plate of your car is?

The information of the owner of the car can be easily accessed through the license plate. Yes, you heard that right.

Besides that, by stealing the license plate of your car and using it on other vehicles, a criminal can execute some actions that can push you into deep trouble.

So, this might help you explain why you should keep your license plates protected from these ill-
natured fellows who are always ready to put you into some trouble when you’re not looking. You
don’t want the police knocking at your door, do you?

Antitheft license plate screws might save you from some trouble if the thief does not know about
them much.

So, we have brought for you, the best antitheft license plate screw sets that can be found on amazon and might protect you from difficulty caused due to stolen license plates.

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Best Antitheft License Plate Screws Comparison table

(Best Overall)<br>Revolution Car Anti-Theft<br>Screws

(Best Overall)
Revolution Car Anti-Theft

  • Zinc plated exterior
  • Washer head style
  • Rustproof steel
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(Best Quantity)<br>PRUST Anti-Theft<br>License Plate Screws

(Best Quantity)
PRUST Anti-Theft
License Plate Screws

  • Stainless Steel
  • Button head style
  • 4 plate pads included
  • 8 screw caps included
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(Cheapest Overall)<br>SNUG Fastener

(Cheapest Overall)
SNUG Fastener

  • Stainless steel material
  • Hex head style
  • Plastic or nylon retainers can be used
  • Can be used for 2 license plates
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7 Best Antitheft License Plate Screws

1. Revolution Car Badges Antitheft License Plate Screws

best antitheft license plate screws

On our list, the first product we have is a set of 4 zinc plated black antitheft license screws by
revolution car badges.

These anti theft screws for license plate can be found in three variants, stainless steel, chrome plated, and zinc plated.

All of these variants of this product are rustproof, so you definitely do not have to care about it catching rust and giving you a problem in case you need to replace them. You can even wash your car without the fear of screws rusting.

These screws use screw retainers which you might need to buy separately. You will need to
insert the retainers in the bumper, which is completely optional.

The screws are really easy to install so your time would not be wasted while trying to protect your license plate and you can get on with your work.

The head style of this product is the washer style so you will not need any special kind of screwdriver to fasten it. A normal 2 faced screwdriver can easily help you out.

A lifetime no-hassle money-back guarantee is offered with this product.


  • Rustproof zinc plated material
  • No hassle money-back guarantee is offered
  • Three different types of materials offered, stainless steel, chrome-plated, and zinc plated.
  • Can be fastened up with a normal screwdriver


  • Screw retainers not included

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2. Aootf Stainless Steel Anti theft Screws

Aooft antitheft screws

The next product we have on the list is a set of 8 screws by Aooft (antitheft accessories

All the screws are of stainless steel material with a button head type. A special key for
fastening and loosening is also included in the set.

The main advantage of this product is that it offers 8 high quality stainless steel screws which
means it provides you enough screws for 2-4 license plates.

So, if you have two cars, and a single license plate uses two screws then you can use these screws on the rear and front license plates of both your cars.

And if you have one car then you’ll always have replacements available with you in case any damage takes place.

Button head style fastening tools are usually not used by thieves. So this is a great advantage
for you and is definitely going to annoy the person trying to get their hands on your license plate
to accomplish their malevolent deeds and create any trouble for you.

Anti-rattle pads are also included in the set which can terminate the annoying vibrations of the
license plate while you are driving your vehicle. Also, a 100% money-back lifetime guarantee is


  • Best Quality Stainless Steel
  • Button type head style is offered
  • 8 anti-rattle pads included
  • 100% money-back lifetime guarantee is offered


  • Ordinary 2 faced or 4 faced screwdriver won’t work to fasten these screws

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3. PRUST Antitheft License Plate Screws

PRUST screws

Prust has brought a set of 8 piece stainless steel license plate screws with button head type,
and headcovers which can be used to your advantage.

Stainless steel material also makes it rust-proof. So, you must not care about it catching rust after multiple splashes of water on it if you frequently get your car washed.

2 types of fastening tools are also included in the set so you do not have to buy these
separately and the cheats usually don’t carry these kinds of tools, so they might drop the plan of
grabbing your license plate for their malicious activities.

Headcovers for screws are also included in the set so that you can cover them once fastened. These might also leave the thieves baffled if they do not know how to take the covers off.

The set also includes 4 damping pads which might save you some time that you spend on piercing the holes in your license plate for inserting the screws.

Damping pads also terminate the vibrations while your car is moving. The screws are also tamper-proof.


  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • Screws are button head type
  • Damping pads are included which save time that you spend on piercing the holes
  • Screw covers also included
  • The screws are tamper-proof


  • The damping pad size is very specific and may not fit.

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4. SNUG Fasteners Stainless Steel License Plate Screws

Snug Fasteners

The next we have on the list is a set of 4 stainless steel anti theft license plate screws.

The stainless steel material makes the screws rust-proof and the hex head style is also offered in this product.

You can easily fasten the screws using a flat head screwdriver. This product works with nylon or
plastic screw retainers which you can easily find on Amazon.

As the product uses a hex head style, it is very easy to use and these screws can be used on all
domestic cars and trucks in the United States.

A 100% non-corrosive lifetime guarantee is also given to the customer. A non-corrosive guarantee will
definitely be proven a valuable asset for you.


  • Stainless steel material
  • Hex head style is offered
  • 100% non-corrosive lifetime guarantee
  • Plastic or nylon retainers can be used
  • It can be used for 2 license plates


  • Retainers not included

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5. Ottospeed Chrome Plated License Plate Screws Fastener Kit

Ottospeed Chrome Zinc Plated

The next product we have on the list is a set of 8 screws with hex head style. A normal flat-faced
screwdriver will do your work here. For extra protection, the set contains 8 headcovers also.

Nylon screw retainers are also included in the kit. The product is made of chrome stainless
. So, if you’re looking for a full set of antitheft screws, this kit is what you need.

The retainers enhance the antitheft properties of this kit and the pads make the plate vibration-proof. It means that you make your cars theft-proof without compromising on the comfort which you used to get earlier.

Ottospeed confirms that this product is very easy to install and you will never regret buying it. You can also use these screws on bumpers that do not have mounting hardware on them already.

The black stainless steel material also makes the screws rust-proof. 100% money-back guarantee is also
offered with this product.


  • Built with high-quality chrome stainless steel material
  • Anti-rattle pads are included
  • Nylon screw retainers are included
  • Screw covers are also included to enhance antitheft properties
  • The product is made of rust-proof material


  • Not tamper-resistant
  • License plate frame is not included

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6. YoUoY Stainless Steel License Plate Screws

YoUoy license plate screws

Here comes another amazing stainless steel set of 8 screws by YoUoY.

The set includes 8 screw retainers, 8 rattle-proof pads, and a screwdriver. The head style of the screw is pan, for which, the screwdriver has been provided. The screwdriver also has a flat-faced side.

Screw retainers help you enhance the antitheft properties of this kit. Screw caps are not
included in this set but they are listed with the product.

The material of these screws is stainless steel, which makes them rust-proof. So it doesn’t matter if your car is parked in the rain or the screws get continuous splashes of water, these tiny saviors won’t get affected.

A 90-day money-back guarantee is also offered with this product and you would have no
problem replacing it in case it does not work out for you or doesn’t fit. These screws are very
easy to install.

The bolts can last very long and you don’t need to care about replacing them even after
years of them in place.

These screws are designed to fit more of the license plates and frames for US and imported cars. These will be suitable for almost every car in the United States, Germany, Japan, and South Korea.


  • Built with stainless steel material
  • Anti-rattle pads are included
  • Nylon retainers are also included
  • A 90-day money-back guarantee is available
  • Screws will fit on license plates of most cars of US, Japan, Germany, and South Korea


  • Screw caps are not included in the set
  • The screws are not tamper-resistant
  • The product is wear-resistant

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7. Ottospeed Anti Theft License Plate Screws

Ottospeed stainless steel

The last product listed is Ottospeed’s set of 4 black stainless steel antitheft license plate screws.

With button head style, the nylon retainers can also be proven a very valuable asset to you.

These tamper-proof screws are very easy to install and have rust-proof hardware, so
exposure to moisture and air would not make them corrode.

Special tools for fastening these screws are included in the kit because of the screw’s button head type.

4 screws with 4 nylon retainers make it very difficult for the cheats to get hold of your license
plate. And even if they do not fit your car, a no-hassle money-back guarantee is offered with this


  • Stainless steel material built
  • Good quality button head style
  • Nylon screw retainers are included in the kit
  • Special wrench and key for fastening are also included


  • Anti-rattle pads not included
  • These screws are tamper-proof

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How To Install Anti Theft License Plate Screws?

Firstly, take off the screws that have been mounted on your car’s license plate frame. Then line up the holes of the plate with the holes in the frame. Insert and rotate the screws in the clockwise direction. License plate
retainers are to be installed into the bumper, which blocks the further rotation of the screw.

How To Remove Antitheft License Plate Screws?

You will need to take off the retainers first. Once the retainers are off, rotate the screws in the anti-clockwise direction, and your license plate screws are removed.

Choosing The Best Anti-Theft License Plate Screw Kit: Buying Guide

1. Anti-Theft Properties

Having these screws might not seem to be a good investment but they are actually worth it. So, choose a screw that has the best anti-theft properties.

Look for the screw kits that contain the maximum amount of safety accessories like retainers, damping pads, and tamper-proof screws.

2. Rust-Proof Material

All the products we have listed here are rust-proof. As we all have our cars washed very
frequently, screw materials that catch rust easily might be a cause of concern.

So choose the screws which have a non-corrosive material and does not require your attention
every now and then.

3. Compatibility

Screws usually do not fit all sizes of holes, so before buying, check for the size compatibility of
these screws.

Most of the products you found on Amazon may not fit in the metal threaded holes, therefore, check the
compatibility before buying an anti-theft license plate screw kit.

So, these are the main measure you should take into consideration while purchasing these screw kits.


Do Anti Theft License Plate Screws Work?

Yes, these screws are very much worth it. These screws will definitely save you from trouble if
the thieves have their eyes on your license plates.

Why Do Thieves Steal License Plates?

There are several reasons why thieves might steal your license plate. They may use it for many
criminal activities.

Is It Illegal To Clone Number Plates?

License/number plate cloning is a very serious crime which is on the rise lately.

How Do You Stop License Plate Theft?

Antitheft license plate screws are cheap, easy to install, and compatible, and will save you
from license plate theft.

How To Remove The Anti Theft License Plate Screw Covers?

You can easily remove them by prying them off with a usual screwdriver.