best anti theft wheel nuts

Each one of us wants our cars to be as good as new and safe. Everyone needs to protect their car and its parts from the cheats that do not care about the stress you have to go through if your car parts are stolen.

All the parts of your cars from its license plates to rearview mirrors are extremely important.

Many cases of license plate theft have been reported in many countries lately. We have already discussed how to protect your license plates with the help of antitheft license plate screws. Keyless cars are also easy to steal nowadays but you can protect them with key fob protectors. You can also install car GPS trackers if you want to keep track of your car’s location if it is stolen.

But what about your car tires? Are they really protected? Thieves tend to steal the tires of your car as they might earn them a good profit.

The newer the set of tires is, the more profitable it becomes for them. Now ask yourself that do you really want your precious car tires to be stolen? No, right.

The best you can do to protect your car tires is to make the thieve waste as much time as possible to remove them.

To do so, you can buy anti-theft locking lug nuts for car wheels. Lug nuts are fasteners that are used to secure the wheels of a vehicle.

In this article, we will be discussing the best antitheft lug nuts that can be used to secure the wheels of your car.

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Best Anti Theft Wheel Nuts Comparison Table

(Best Overall)<br>DPAccessories Lug Nuts

(Best Overall)
DPAccessories Lug Nuts

  • Set of 24 lug nuts
  • Plated with chrome, nickel, and copper
  • Heat-treated for extra durability
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(Cheapest Overall)<br>FLYCLE Black Closed End Lug Nuts

(Cheapest Overall)
FLYCLE Black Closed End Lug Nuts

  • The nuts are corrosion-resistant
  • Specific thread measure to ensure perfect fitting
  • External hex drive system
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(Best Design)<br>Wheel Accessories Black Spiked Lug Nuts

(Best Design)
Wheel Accessories Black Spiked Lug Nuts

  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • These nuts enhance the appearance of the wheels
  • Spline adapter included for easy installation of the nuts
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7 Best Anti-Theft Locking Lug Nuts For Your Car Wheels

1. White Knight Black Chrome Lug Nuts

white knight lug nuts for cars

Are you looking for stylish and protective lug nuts that match the color of your wheels? If yes, then this product is what you need.

The set contains 20 lug nuts which come in 2 colors, black, and chrome. So, the buyer can choose the color which looks good on the wheels.

Apart from their stylish appearance, the nuts come with lock fasterner type. The chrome exterior makes the nut more durable against scratching and chipping.

The company also guarantees rust resistance. That means continuous exposure to water and moisture would not affect the toughness of these nuts. They come with a 60-degree cone seat angle, which is pretty common.

Moreover, this set can secure all 4 wheels of a car so you would not need to buy more than one set. However, this product is also available in a pack of 4, in case you do not need more nuts.


  • The set has 20 nuts, which covers all 4 wheels of a car
  • The nuts are rust resistance
  • The nuts are chrome plated for durability
  • Lock fastening style for additional safety
  • 60-degree cone seat bending angle


  • The nuts will not fit in wheels with ball or mag seat style

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2. Wheel Accessories Parts Set Of 20 Lug Nuts

wheel accessories parts lug nuts

With carbon steel metal type, this set contains 20 cone seat style lug nuts. The nuts in this set are double-layer nickel plated.

No special tools are required for installing or removing these nuts because they come with hex head style which is very common.

These nuts are proven to be resistant to rust, chipping, and peeling off. So, just install them and never care about them corroding.

This 60-degree angle bend cone seat style lug nut will easily fit on almost every car if it has a 60 degree intend angle. Also, thread size is also marked on all the lug nuts.

The company also offers a money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the product due to some reason.


  • These nuts are made from rustproof material
  • The nuts have a hex head style which does not require special tools to fasten
  • The nuts are covered with 2 layers of nickel
  • 60-degree cone head angle
  • A Money-back guarantee is offered


  • Power wrench might break the caps of these nuts

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3. DPAccessories Lug Nuts

best antitheft lug nuts for car wheels

Need more than 20 screws? Here is a set of 24 screws brought to you by DPAccessories. A set of 100 chrome-plated screws is also listed with this product. So, if you have more than 2 cars, do not worry, you can grab the 100 nut set.

This product is triple-layer chrome plated with axle hat fastener style for which you will need special kinds of tools. But this is also an advantage as the thieve might not have these types of fastening tools to remove the nut.

Essential layers of copper have also been plated on these nuts. Also, the additional layer of nickel makes this product corrosion resistant and gives exceptional strength.

These nuts have a 60-degree cone style head angle which makes them universal and will easily fit while you’re installing them.

The metal types are aluminum, nickel, alloy steel, and copper. The durability is really dependable as these nuts are heat treated.


  • Set of 24 lug nuts
  • Axle hat head style is not common so it gives extra protection
  • Plated with chrome, nickel, and copper
  • Durable due to aluminum material
  • Heat-treated for extra durability


  • Special tools are required to fasten these nuts

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4. MIKKUPPA Lug Nuts

mikkuppa locking car wheel nuts

The next we have on the list is a set of 24 lug nuts by MIKKUPPA. These nuts are composed of steel material and have been given a chrome finish making them look stylish. An external hex drive system is also offered.

The company claims that the product is crack resistant, rust-resistant, and has very high strength and durability. The nut is approximately universal due to its 60-degree bend angle cone seat.

It is also good for professional mechanics to keep as it has precisely machined threads which ensure a perfect fit. So, a mechanic can keep them in case of emergency use.

MIKKUPPA nuts are also scratch-resistant as they are plated with multi-layer paint. This property will also enhance the appearance of your vehicle because these nuts will never go unnoticeable.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, for instance, if it does not fit or does not match the color of the wheel, the company offers a 12 month return policy.


  • Set of 24 chrome-plated lug nuts
  • External hex head style offered so no special tools are required
  • Built with steel material
  • 60-degree cone style bending angle
  • Rust-resistant, anti-crack, and high durability
  • The nuts are scratch-resistant


  • Costlier than most products on the list

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5. Eisen Performance Chrome Lug Nuts

lug nugs by eisen Performance

Made from alloy steel metal type, here is a set of 24 chrome-plated lug nuts from Eisen Performance. External hex drive system makes these nuts easy to use without the requirement of special tools to fasten them.

Two layers of nickel and one layer of chrome have been plated on these nuts, making them highly durable. Also, the 60-degree bending angle makes it versatile to most vehicles.

If your car’s wheel uses 4 nuts, you will have 8 spare nuts. If it uses 5 for each wheel, you will have 4 extra nuts. And if it uses 6 nuts, still you will be able to cover all the wheels of your car.

The product is also claimed to be rust-proof because of its 2 layers of nickel and 1 layer of chrome coating. So, if you wash your car very often, you need not care about the nuts corroding.

All these nuts are very durable and universal and can fit most vehicles. Also, the non-rusting material makes them more reliable. And the external hex head style makes it easy to install or remove the nuts.


  • These nuts are made of steel material
  • The nuts are rust-proof
  • External hex head style makes them easy to install or remove
  • Coated with 2 layers of nickel and 1 layer of chrome
  • 60-degree bend angle
  • The nuts are highly durable


  • No money-back-guarantee is offered

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6. Wheel Accessories Parts Black Spiked Lug Nuts

best antitheft locking lug nuts

These spiked lug nuts come in a set of 24 and a high precision socket key. The nuts come with a wheel fastener and are made with alloy steel material.

Spiked nuts also enhance the appearance of the wheels. So, they will protect your car wheels and look good on them at the same time. Safety and beauty, what more could one want? These nuts are also corrosion-resistant.

The kit includes an installation/removal spline adapter which is the tool you need to fasten these nuts.

Also, 2 options are also available for the finishes, chrome, and black. The nuts are also heat treated which helps them avoid cracks.

A conical 60-degree bend angle makes these lug nuts adaptable to almost all aftermarket cars. The corrosion-resistant material also is a very valuable asset if you like to get your car washed every now and then.


  • Set of 24 lug nuts
  • Spike shaped nuts
  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • These nuts enhance the appearance of the wheels
  • Spline adapter included for easy installation of the nuts
  • 60-degree bend angle


  • Only the tool included in the set can be used to fasten them.
  • Costliest of all the products on this list

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7. FLYCLE Black Closed End Lug Nuts

flycle lug nuts

With steel material type and external hex drive system, FLYCLE black closed-end lug nuts come in a set of 20 nuts.

A 60-degree bend angle will also be proven a great advantage for you as most of the cars have a 60-degree conical seat.

The nuts are heat treated for exceptional strength and durability and special threads ensure a perfect fit. A special coating also makes the product corrosion resistant. The nuts are perfect for most aftermarket cars.

You can wash your car as much as you want and the nuts will not rust or wear off for a long time. Also, the hex drive style offered in the nuts is quite common and no special tools are required with this drive style.

A 1-year warranty is offered with this product including a free replacement and a money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with it, you can return it without losing any of your money.


  • Steel material type for increased durability
  • 60-degree bend angle
  • The nuts are corrosion-resistant
  • Specific thread measure to ensure perfect fitting
  • External hex drive system
  • A Money-back guarantee is offered


  • These nuts will not fit in wheel with ball or mag style seat

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How To Install Lug Nuts?

You can easily use a wrench to fasten these nuts. If you have a specific kind of key in the set, you will need to fasten it in the clockwise direction with that key.

How To Remove Lug Nuts?

Again, if you have a special key, you will have to rotate the nuts in the anti-clockwise direction. If not, just do it with an odinary wrench and you will be good to go.

Grab The Best Anti-Theft Locking Lug Nuts For Car Wheels: Buying Guide

1. Comaptibility

Some of the products that you will find on Amazon will not be compatible, so, choose the one after confirming the compatibility. Plus, these nuts are very compact things, so choose them wisely.

It will be best if the product you are choosing have a money back guarantee or are easily replaceable.

2. Rust-Proofing

Cars tend to be washed frequently which causes the metallic substance to catch rust. So pick the set which is guaranteed to be rust-proof.

Lug nuts that have nickel or chrome coating are usually rust-proof. So it’s best to choose the one with coating from these metals.

3. Quantity

Choose the set that has enough screws to get all the wheels protected because different wheels use different numbers of nuts. You do not want them to fall short, right?

4. Durability

These nuts are always at work and everything wears off with time. So pick the ones that are very durable and last long.

The nuts that are heat treated usually tend to last long than the ones that are not heat treated.


Are Locking Lug Nuts Worth It?

This questions is very often asked and the answer is yes, they are very protective and really worth it.

Can I Replace Just 1 Lug Nut?

If one nut is missing, the pressure will be uneven which can cause the damage to the bearings. So, replace the one which is lost as soon as possible.

Are Lug Nuts Universal?

No, you can not use any nut on your can unless it is not compatible.

Can Lug Nuts Fall Off?

Yes, if they are not installed properly, they might fall off. Most probably this will happen while you are driving as the wheels are in use at that time.

When Should Lug Nuts Be Changed?

The nuts should be replaced after every 10,000 miles as they might start damaging the bearings.