Mounting a television is a great way to free up space in your living room. If you have kids susceptible to electronic devices that they shouldn’t be holding in their hands, a TV out of their reach will keep sticky fingerprints on your new OLED screen.

In terms of visual appeal, mounting a television is essential for modern interior design. It’s aesthetic, especially with TVs getting thinner every year. Additionally, they can range from a flat wall to a corner and even over a fireplace (although caution is advised when doing so).

Locking TV wall mounts is excellent for protecting flat screens, especially in hotels, motels, hospitals, universities, airports, train stations, RVs, and other public places. Protect your TV from theft, indoors and outdoors by adding these locking wall mounts to your shopping cart.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Anti-Theft TV Wall Mounts

1. Lock Mechanism

If you don’t want thieves to easily run away with your expensive TV set then you should invest in a TV wall mount that comes with a locking mechanism so that you can securely fix your TV to it and make it hard to steal.

2. Size, Weight, And Flexibility

When looking at wall mounts online, they are likely rated based on the size of the TV screen they support and how much weight they can support, the latter being an essential factor. Different brands vary in weight even though the dimensions of the televisions are the same. If you are looking for a TV wall mount online, see the product description for more information on the main weight and screen size it can support.

The next thing to consider is how flexible you want your TV to be once assembled. If you’re going to watch your TV from other rooms, a good option is a swivel wall mount. This will allow you to change the TV’s location to optimize the image on the screen. If you’re mounting your TV above-average eye level (42 inches), you’ll want to invest in a TV wall mount that tilts to improve picture quality. Fortunately, most racks can tilt and turn.

If the TV can be placed at the ideal height and there is no need for regular access to the TV ports, a fixed bracket will simplify installation and the TV will be close to the wall. Consider the slim back if so for a more elegant overall look. Many argue about how well they can be mounted on the wall.

If you install your TV in a corner, you will probably need a specially designed corner bracket. In addition, a fully articulated bracket is required to secure the mounting plate to the wall and keep the TV extended.

3. Universal TV base

Combining the best of both worlds (table and wall mounting), these universal brackets feature VESA certified mounting arms and hanging brackets. The stand itself usually is height-adjustable, and many models will even allow you to tilt and turn the TV from side to side.

Types Of TV Mounts

Choosing a fixed or mobile mount will depend on your personal preferences, the layout of the room, and the target audience of the TV. In addition, each type of frame has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Fixed TV Mounts

This type of bracket keeps the TV glued to the wall, flush with the wall. It holds the TV closer to the wall than any other type of bracket, giving it a spotless and personalized look. However, a fixed TV wall mount does not offer position adjustment.

2. Tilting TV Mounts

Tilting brackets allow the TV to tilt vertically while maintaining its position on the wall. They do not allow any horizontal movement. A tilting wall mount is advised for installations where the TV is mounted higher than usual, such as over a fireplace, allowing the screen to tilt toward viewers. The tilt adjustment also allows some control over glare from windows or lights in the room. The amount of tilt available varies by model, but you can generally expect a vertical adjustment of 5 to 15 degrees.

3. Full-Motion or Articulating TV Mounts

Whole motion TV mounts (also called articulated mounts) allow maximum freedom of movement for your flat-screen TV.

Full-motion mounts ensure your TV always has the perfect viewing angle, perfect for rooms where viewers can sit in a variety of positions or combat the ever-changing glare in high-demand rooms exposed to the sun.

A full-motion stand also opens up more creative TV installation possibilities, such as hiding the TV in a cabinet from which you can easily extend it when you’re ready to watch; in a corner or on a wall that tilts from your seat. Remember, when using a swivel mount, make sure all audio and video cables are long enough to reach the TV to its fullest extent.

Best Anti-Theft Locking TV Mounts

1. The Mount-It! MI-2244T Tilting Anti-Theft TV Wall Mount

best locking tv wall mount

The first lockable TV wall mount on the list is synonymous with strength, security, and protection. The padlock compatible slide bar secures the arm brackets to the wall plate to prevent the removal of the TV. The additional tilt function allows you to find the optimum viewing angle with reduced glare. It is also UL certified, can support up to 99 lbs.

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2. VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

locking rv wall mount

Thanks to the thick steel brackets, this locking wall mount supports any flat-screen TV between 25 and 88 inches. This is the most versatile flat-screen TV stand.

The kit arrives with mounting hardware, a removable VESA plate (for eight different hole patterns) for easy one-person installation, a 10-foot HDMI cable, and a magnetic spirit level. Level adjustment after installation makes it easy to hang the TV perfectly. The versatile 15 degree / -5 degree tilt angle with up to 180-degree rotation provides great viewing flexibility.

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3. Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount

anti theft wall mount for tv

Thanks to the clear and illustrated three-step installation guide and US customer service, this TV mount has received near-perfect reviews ready to answer all your pre-purchase and installation questions. A VESA 400 bracket for 16- or 24-inch wall mounts. Adjusting up to three degrees allows you to level the TV after installation. You can tilt the TV up 5 degrees and down 15 degrees to reduce glare, and you can use the ability to rotate left or right to bring the TV closer as needed.

It sits three inches from the wall, and the two arms can extend up to 15.2 inches. The kit comes with a 1.8m HDMI cable, a handy mounting template, and a spirit level.

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4. MantelMount MM340

tv lock mount

The particular design of this model allows for better viewing from a flat-screen TV mounted above the fireplace. You can move the TV closer to the ideal viewing area at eye level, rotate it as needed, and reposition it on the mantel when it’s finished.

Besides that, lowering the TV with ease is a neat trick. It features unique and patented automatic gas piston adjustment stops, cable management, automatic stabilization and straightening to maintain the TV’s perfect level. The full distance of motion includes up to 29 inches of vertical travel, plus 16 inches of wall clearance and 30 degrees of left or right swivel capability.

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5. VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount

ceiling mount

Sometimes it is not possible to mount a flat-screen on the wall. Maybe the walls are not level, or the plaster is old. You may not want to damage the walls. Or perhaps you want your TV to be in the middle of an open loft and visible from any direction. This TV stand hangs from the ceiling and can do it all.

It fits almost all TVs and most VESA models. It supports up to 66 lbs LCD, LED, or plasma flat-panel TV, and you can place the adjustable ceiling plate on a sloped or flat ceiling. The TV height is adjustable between 19.4 inches and 34.7 inches from the ceiling and features a 15-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation.

Hanging up your flat screen is a great way to reclaim valuable floor and counter space, and when done creatively and intelligently, it can add a unique design feature to your home. And with the variety of great TV wall mount models on the market, getting the TV room of your dreams is more affordable than ever.

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Can Locking TV Wall Mounts Prevent TV Theft? Conclusion

TVs are expensive and just like anything expensive TVs are also prone to theft. However, you can invest in locking TV mounts to secure them from being stolen. By locking your TVs to a wall mount you make it hard for the thieves to run away with them easily. Also, the anti-theft locking TV wall mounts are easy to set up and are quite affordable so everyone can invest in them.


Can You Lock A TV To A Wall Mount?

Yes, you can actually lock a TV to a wall mount to prevent thieves from easily stealing it.

How Do I Secure My TV Outside?

You can secure your outdoor TV by investing in a lockable TV mount and other security stuff like a CCTV camera, locking cable, theft alarm, etc.

Can You Use A Regular TV Mount In An RV?

Yes, you can use any regular TV mount in RV but there’s one condition that the mount should have adjustable arms.