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Losing a laptop either through misplacement or theft can be devastating. Besides the financial loss (because laptops are not cheap), you also lose all your files, photos, documents, among other data. Thankfully, there are several anti-theft tracking software for stolen laptops that can help in recovering your laptop.

Tracking software for laptops includes Norton anti-theft, PreyProtect, EXO5, FrontDoor software, LockItTight, and so on. These have been programmed to enable you to locate your lost or stolen laptop quickly.

The software is available either in free or paid versions. This article outlines the different software in-depth i.e both paid and free tracking software for laptops, so you can choose which works best for you.

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4 Best Free Anti-Theft Tracking Software

1. FrontDoor Software

The FrontDoor software is free laptop tracking software with the option of paying $30 for a 3-year license with unlimited location tracking. This tracking and laptop protection tool is, therefore, free to download with some payable features.

Its specifications include stolen alert display, geolocation tracking, remote lockdown, send a custom text message, and start-up audible prevention alert. This software works well when it comes to protecting your laptop and even on aesthetics.

However, a noticeable downside of the software is the lack of user-friendliness of the program that quickly puts off potential users. It also tends to make simple actions relatively more complicated.

For example, you may notice a few spelling mistakes on the online instructions that take away the user’s confidence in the software. There is a bewildering SetLicence window during installation with numerous text boxes and buttons with an inadequate description of what each does.

However, once installed, it works as promised. The laptop has to be rebooted and sported with the FrontDoor software window that warns that the device is protected alongside the regular Windows login screen. You can also customize a message and send it to the screen. However, this could prompt the thieves to work fast towards uninstalling the software.

If your laptop happens to be lost, your contact information will be displayed so that it can quickly be returned to you. This software employs Wi-Fi positioning technology from Skyhook with high accuracy levels as the approximate location can be 60 yards out.

This software runs as a second-user account and therefore influences the laptop’s performance. It allows you to remotely lock the device and mark it stolen over a web interface. Both can be reversed using a code.


Remote lockdown

Geolocation tracking

Stolen alert display

Sends custom text messages

2. LockItTight

The LockItTight software allows you to track your lost or stolen mobiles and laptops precisely. It comes with a client application for the laptop as well as a Web-based UI. As the user, you can log into your account via any browser. There is also a UI for Google Maps. This software is available in free, standard, and premium versions. You can choose which of these best suits your needs.

LockItTight software works to send a report in the form of an encrypted text of the registered devices sent to the central server and then goes through Google Maps to make it easy to locate your laptop’s exact location.

If your laptop is lost or stolen, LockItTight gives it a better chance of tracking it down. It is a cheaper alternative for a laptop recovery utility and service. Like most recovery solutions, this capable solution runs a little background that remains dormant until it is activated remotely.

For instance, when you sign in to your account, you can view your stolen laptops and their locations displayed on a map. You are also alerted when they go in and out of the designated zones. Moreover, you can capture a webcam photo, screenshot, browser history, keystroke log, and so on.

However, all these are only possible if the laptop is connected to the internet. Therefore, if the thief fences the system and does not turn on the laptop and connect it to Wi-Fi, the software will not be that helpful. Also, if your laptop is password-protected, there is little chance to connect to Wi-Fi for its location’s report. Still, this software is worth having.

LockItTight offers four pricing plans, but most people are content with the free one. With this software, you can track up to five devices: Chromebooks, laptops, android phones, and iPhones. The standard, premium, or ultimate versions increases the number of saved reports and the frequency at which they are produced. But if your main goal is tracking, the free version is recommended.


Available in free, standard, and premium versions

The software uses Wi-Fi triangulation technology

Web-based UI

Takes screenshots

3. PreyProject

Prey is one of the best anti-theft tracking software suitable for laptops, tablets, and phones. It allows you to locate, wipe, lock, and recover the laptop remotely. This can be done by logging into a web platform that also triggers actions such as showing an onscreen message or activating an alarm that will inform the thief that you are after him.

This software makes use of a remote activation system, meaning that it sits dormant on the computer until you run it. When you run it, it gathers and sends all information to your Prey web control panel or your mailbox.


Screen locking, data are securing, and sonic-alarm triggering.

Webcam image capturing

Messaging/alert system

Powerful report system

Screenshot grabbing

Wi-Fi auto-connect

4. Norton Anti-Theft

This anti-theft software for laptops quickly and easily helps locate your laptop and lock it so that there is no information leakage. If your laptop has been stolen, you can browse it from anywhere. This software is programmed to track the position of your laptop, who owns it, and remotely lock it.

Another exciting and handy feature of this software is that it takes a snap of whoever is in front of the device and saves it to your Norton anti-theft website to track the thief. Moreover, it sends customized messages to the person with your device so you can contact him.


It comes with a Norton anti-theft website

It shows customized messages

Allows remote lock

Takes a snapshot

Best Paid Anti-Theft Software for Tracking Stolen Laptop

5. EXO5

This business package is more focused on locking down your data in case of laptop theft. Therefore, it is more suitable for small-to-medium businesses in its approach to laptop tracking. But this does not mean that home user cannot use it, especially those with several devices they need to track.

EXO5 is a paid software that requires you to pay 309 euros for three years and on 25 devices. Its specifications include RemtoeKill file encryption, data export, drive lock, RiskSense alerts, logs, geolocation, and curfew.

To use this software, you are required to download the Agent installer from the settings tab, usually a standalone EXE file that will need to be run on any of the devices using the EXO5 tracker. Once you are done, you can click on Assets to view all the devices being tracked.

When choosing an asset to track, its location will be displayed in Google maps using Wi-Fi triangulation technology. Also displayed is the public IP address, and it also shows whether the device is connected to the internet.

In the hardware/OS section, you will find a list of the hardware configurations of your devices. This may not be of much use unless you want to check if the criminal has altered any of your laptop’s hardware. The software tab is very intuitive and offers illuminating details on the various programs installed on your laptop. On the other hand, the Event log keeps you updated on what the laptop is being used for.

Besides theft, these features help companies or individuals ensure that their devices are used for the right and specified purposes. One of the best features offered by EXO5 is the RemoteKill option. It enables encryption of folders and files remotely in case the laptop is stolen.

The presets as All Microsoft Outlook.pst files come in handy to easily and quickly secure critical information. There is also an additional boot sector that works to lock by shutting down the device. Both of these functions can be reversed once the laptop is recovered.


It uses Wi-Fi triangulation technology

RemoteKill option for data encryption

Informative software tab

Allows remote lock

6. LoJack

The next software paid tracking software for stolen laptops on the list is LoJack which costs around $50 for a full year. It is beginner-friendly software made for homeowners so that everyone can track their stolen laptops without having much technical knowledge. It is also very simple to install this software on your PC.

once you have installed the software on your laptop you have to create an account on LoJack’s website and from there you can monitor your devices. Also, unlike other tracking software, this one uses maps by Esri instead of Google Maps which is its only downside because Google Maps provides better location tracking.

Apart from that, you get all features with LoJack that can help you effectively track your stolen laptop back like geolocation, remote lock, remote delete, and more. You also get help from a theft recovery team from LoJack that helps you recover your lost or stolen device back.


Email notification

Remote lock and delete


Custom lock-out messages

7. Hidden Anti-Theft

The Hidden anti-theft software uses a proven technology that tracks a missing laptop and collects the evidence you need to get them back. Moreover, it locks away your personal information. This app features location tracking, secret screenshots and iSight photos, key log, spoken message, remote wipe, remote lock, and SSH tunneling.

The hidden cleverly works to reverse the SSH tunnel that allows you to bypass all the firewalls and access your laptop remotely. With the remote lock, you can also activate a warning message to alert the thieves.


Location tracking

Secret screenshot

Remote lock

Remote lock

Key log

How to Track a Stolen Laptop

Laptop theft is not only devastating, but it can also be potentially dangerous. This is because the criminal in possession of your laptop has access to your email as well as online banking accounts. These two, combined with your other personal data on your laptop, could easily make you a victim of identity theft.

And this is where the laptop security and tracking software come in handy. They help to add an extra security layer to your laptop in case such a disaster strike. In the best-case scenario, the software can track and recover your laptop. In the case of theft, they can provide evidence to the police.

However, they are designed to lock down the laptop and erase any sensitive data in the worst-case scenarios. We have outlined some of the best software you can apply for your laptop, both free and paid.


Laptops get stolen too frequently. And even with the ubiquitous security cameras all over, it is still easy for a thief to smash a window and grab a laptop from a car, office, or home. Arguably, the only thing worse than a stolen laptop is knowing that there is no way to get it back. But with the right software, it can. The first thing you need to install on any of your devices is one of these software. It gives your laptops a better chance of retrieval and even protects your sensitive information.


Is It Possible To Track Stolen Laptop?

Yes, you can track a stolen laptop using anti-theft tracking software

Can A Laptop Be Tracked If It’s Off?

Yes, tracking software can track a laptop even if it is turned off by a thief

Can A Stolen Laptop Be Blocked?

No, you cannot block a stolen laptop