anti theft zipper locks for backpacks

A backpack is a simple way to carry your valuables; however, what they are not is safe.

Naturally, you do not want your backpack to send an open invitation to thieves. Thus, you want to buy the best backpack zipper locks.

Also, when buying luggage locks, make sure they are TSA-approved. TSA-approved locks are inexpensive and ensure that your locks aren’t damaged when the TSA inspects your backpack at the airport.

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Best TSA Approved AntiTheft Zipper Locks For Backpacks: Comparison Table

(Best Zipper Locker)<br>Talonport Store Keyless Luggage Locks

(Best Zipper Locker)
Talonport Store Keyless Luggage Locks

  • No combination to forget
  • Durable metal construction
  • TSA approved
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(Fingerprint Backpack Lock)<br>MYPIN Store Fingerprint Lock

(Fingerprint Backpack Lock)
MYPIN Store Fingerprint Lock

  • Keyless zipper lock
  • Water-resistant material
  • 360° Fingerprint Recognition
Check Product On Amazon
(Smart Zipper Lock)<br>AIRBOLT Lock

(Smart Zipper Lock)

  • Control with app
  • TSA approved
  • Unique design
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(Most versatile zipper-lock)<br>Lewis N Clark

(Most versatile zipper-lock)
Lewis N Clark

  • Keyless
  • Multipurpose
  • Highly durable
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Things To Look For In An Anti Theft Zipper Lock

Let us go over a few things you need to factor in when purchasing a luggage lock.

1. Type of the lock

There are many types of zipper locks available, and therefore, you must choose one that suits your needs the best.

a) Key Locks

This is a simple lock that unlocks with a key. The best thing about such locks is their simplicity; however, you need to keep your keys secure because if you lose them, you may need to use bolt cutters or a saw to break the lock. Such locks are suitable for gym lockers, handbags, and camping bags.

b) Cable Locks

Cable locks use combination locks and a solid yet flexible cable to secure more than one item with the lock. 

Cable locks can be used pretty much for any luggage such as suitcases, backpacks, lockers, strongboxes, bicycles, at the airport, at a hotel or a hostel, in a public place, etc.

c) Key Card Locks

Key card locks will open similar to a hotel room door. You need to place the key card into the lock, and it will open. If you do not like carrying keys and are not a fan of combination locks, you can keep a key card in your wallet.

Similar to key locks, you can lose your key card and may need to cut open the lock. Key card locks go well with a briefcase, golf bags, or any other luggage.

d) Combination Locks

Combination locks use a combination of three or four digits (typically numbers) to unlock. This means you do not need to keep a key with you. Just put in the combination, and the lock opens.

However, you can forget the combination. 

Always keep the combination saved on your mobile, but try not to make it apparent. You can save it as a fake contact, with the combination being the number’s first or last three/four digits. 

Combination locks are great for travelers, onboarding flights as you do not need a key or a card to unlock them. 

2) Durability

Depending on your usage, you need to choose a lock that will stand the abuse and wear-tear. 

If you are traveling by air, your bag will travel through luggage belts, and security. Moreover, it will move around a lot while on the plane. 

To withstand such conditions, you need a durable and robust lock such as the Talonport Store Keyless Luggage Lock or the Lewis N Clark lock.

For daily uses in gym bags, golf bags, school lockers, etc., a cheaper yet sturdy option like Master Lock 646T or the Master Lock 4689Q would be best.

3) Size of the Lock

Before buying any anti-theft zipper lock for backpacks, you need to make sure you are purchasing the correct size. Compare the size of your zipper’s hole with that of the cord or the shackle and find out if it will fit.

Nonetheless, if you cannot find a suitable lock for your zipper holes, you can use the Lewis N Clark lock (included in the list below).

Top 7 Best Anti Theft Zipper Locks For Backpacks

With so many types of locks, which one do you choose for your luggage?

Well, that’s what I am here for. I will cut down the hours you would spend researching and comparing backpack locking zippers as I have shortlisted some of the best anti-theft zipper locks for bags below. 

Moreover, these locks are TSA-approved so that you won’t have any issues traveling with them.

1. MYPIN Store Fingerprint Lock: Best keyless Backpack Zipper Lock

fingerprint anti-theft zipper locks for backpacks

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Lock Type: Fingerprint lock

Suitable For: School lockers, bikes, traveling, etc

Also Available at: Ubuy

As someone who tends to lose things quickly, the best thing I found about this lock is that I did not have to keep on searching for keys or remember combinations. However, there is a backup key for emergencies, which is excellent.

Having spent under $35 for the lock, I did not expect something out of this world; however, the product surprised me. It fits easily in the palm of my hand and weighs practically nothing (5.6 ounces)

The body construction is aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which makes it feel super sturdy, and the lock is resistant to water; however, I won’t recommend taking it outdoors in rain or snow.

The padlock has a 240 MAH lithium battery, which will run for at least a month with a single charge as there is practically no power consumption. 

The rechargeable battery can be charged with fewer than 5 volts of USB power supply. Don’t worry, the lock will remain in place if the battery dies.

The lock is relatively easy to program. You get a manual with it, which is easy to follow. It would help if you placed your finger at different angles while setting the fingerprint lock for 360-degree recognition

The fingerprint sensor works fine, though many times, it did not read my fingerprint instantly. However, I always managed to open up the lock with a few more tries. 

Another feature I felt should be improved is that the device notifies you of an invalid fingerprint only within the Bluetooth distance. 

There is no wi-fi connectivity, so any attempt at opening my locks couldn’t be identified beyond a certain distance. 

I would recommend this lock for gym bags, golf bags, school lockers, bicycles, handbags, etc. Just stay away from heavy rain and snow, and you can expect the lock to serve you for a long time. 

Verdict: If you always misplace or lose your keys then this fingerprint lock is the best solution for you because it provides you keyless security.


  • No need for a key
  • Sturdy 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Multiple-use cases


  • Needs to be charged

2. Talonport Store Keyless Luggage Locks: Best Overall

best anti theft zipper locks for backpacks

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Lock Type: Key Card Locks

Suitable For: All types of backpacks and luggage

Also Available at: Talonport

Like door locks in hotels, the Talonport Keyless Luggage locks do not use keys or number combinations but instead open with key cards. Yet another lock where I did not have to remember key combinations. 

This product is Amazon’s Choice and has over 650 reviews with an overall five-star rating. Though a little expensive at $50, there was nothing wrong I could find in this one.

You can keep the key card in your wallet just like a credit card or hook it up to a keychain with other keys. You always have a spare at home or with a family member since you get four cards (two credit card sizes and two sizes to fit your keychain). 

The first thing I noticed about the Talonport Luggage locks is their sturdy construction (cast metal), slim design, and great looks. There is also a replacement guarantee if you lose all four cards or your lock has been cut into.

As I read up on its reviews before buying the lock, I found out the company offers excellent customer service. So, in case you have any issues or concerns, email them, and you will receive a prompt reply.

I found the lock to be hassle-free as opening it is pretty straightforward. I slid the card into the slot, and the lock clicked open. 

However, if you are going to buy multiple locks, it can be a pain to mark key cards for different locks. I believe you can order locks with the same combination card, as one of the reviews corroborates this.

It can protect a variety of luggage, including your anti-theft traveling purse, backpacks, and fanny packs.

Verdict: With a great price, durable build, and keyless design I find the Talonport Keyless Luggage lock to be the best overall.


  • No keys or combinations 
  • Full replacement guarantee
  • All metal construction


  • Nothing that I could find

3. Master Lock 646T: Best Affordable Zipper Lock

combination zipper lock for backpacks

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Lock Type: Combination

Suitable For: All types of backpacks and luggage

Also Available at: Ubuy, Walmart

The master lock 646T is a three-digit combination lock that is easy to set. The locks are light and relatively small in size.  

At $8 for a pack of two locks, I found the Master Lock 646T justifying the price. The cast zinc or brass construction feels okay, but they aren’t the sturdiest of locks on this list.

They will act as a deterrent for thieves and discourage children. However, I do not recommend using them on suitcases, lockers, etc. I used them for my gym bag, and that is about it. 

They can also be used for carry-ons, but I do not recommend using them on checked luggage.  

Verdict: Master Lock 646T makes the best affordable zipper-lock as it is available for under $10 for a pack of two.


  • Easy to set three-digit combination
  • Low Price 


  • It cannot be used on valuable items

4. Lewis N Clark Security Lock: Most Versatile Lock

TSA approved chain lock for backpacks

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Lock Type: Cable lock

Suitable For: All types of backpacks and luggage

Also Available at: Walmart, Ubuy, Lewis N Clark

The Lewis N. Clark 3-digit Combination Padlock features double protection with coated steel cable and a strong shackle. 

As I was researching the product, many verified users supported that the cable is almost impossible to cut through without raising suspicion.

At first, the lock seemed bulky and heavy; however, I was pleasantly surprised when I handled it. It weighs a mere 3.87 ounces

I travel heavily, which means I have two to three luggage bags with me at any time. The Lewis N Clark security lock ensures you do not have to buy multiple locks.

You can use the 4-foot cord on zippers and handles and secure suitcases against each other or secure your luggage to a table in a hotel room or to a seat in the airport terminal. 

I also like to secure my handbag to my seat when I use the toilet on a flight. Also, if you are staying in a hostel with no locker, you can secure your bags to the bed.

This is a versatile product that I would like to recommend to everyone looking for backpack zippers locks. 

Verdict: Due to its design the Lewis N Clark makes the best versatile zipper lock that can be used anywhere and everywhere.


  • Strong cables
  • TSA friendly
  • Keyless combination


  • None

5. Master Lock 4689Q: Conventional Yet Durable

anti theft zipper lock for backpack

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Lock Type: key Operated

Suitable For: All types of backpacks and luggage

Also Available at: Walmart, Ubuy

The Master Lock 4689Q is a highly rated and popular zipper lock for purses, backpacks, etc, on Amazon. Out of a total of 3000 reviews, 75% are 5-star reviews. The locks come in cool colors such as blue, pink, purple, silver, etc.

At under $20, you get four padlocks with four keys, which means you get one lock for $5, which is a great deal. A single key can open all four locks, which is quite convenient. 

These alloy steel/ metal padlocks are durable and perfect for suitcases, backpacks, boxes, and lockers.

Unlike other locks in this list, the Master Lock 4689Q is conventional, and some people prefer this over others. However, the locks are pretty small, and so is the shackle, which means they are limited in their use.

If you want a simple and sturdy lock, this is your best bet. And, at a great price too!

Verdict: Are you looking for an old school lock that looks conventional but is also durable then this backpack zipper lock is what you need.


  • TSA-approved locks.
  • Same key for all locks
  • Easy to use


  • Not a diverse product

6. AIRBOLT: The Smart Lock

antitheft smart zipper backpack lock

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Lock Type: Smart lock

Suitable For: Travelling, Schools, Offices, etc

Also available at: Walmart, theairbolt, Ubuy

This smart lock can be a great way to secure valuables when traveling. It allows users to control this lock from their smartphones. You need to install an app on your phone to control this lock. The app also allows your family members to share the locks. So you all can travel in style.

It is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about charging it every now and then. Moreover, it notifies the owner when it is unlocked providing extra protection.

With this smart backpack zipper lock, Travelers can be sure of having full control of their valuables while on the go.

Verdict: If ordinary is too boring for you then this smart lock which can be open and locked from a smartphone app is what you need.


  • App control
  • Notifies owner when open
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Require recharging

7. Lizipai TSA007 Security Lock: Best Design

zipper padlock for backpacks

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Lock Type: Three-digit combination lock

Suitable For: Travelling, Everyday use

Also Available at: Ubuy

This zipper padlock comes with a three-digit self-locking feature that makes it very reliable. So you can count on it to guarantee a great performance when securing your backpack.

It is a high-quality TSA code lock that works while traveling from the plane. Moreover, it allows users to set the combinations at their convenience.

The lock works for multiple uses. Use it to lock any valuables. When traveling, having peace of mind is essential. The lock comes with different features to make it very secure in everyday applications. The lock closes and remains intact unless it is opened using the right combinations.

According to an Amazon verified user “I have to say that the lock feels sturdy and the installation was easy for me and the outcome looks great”

Verdict: If you are too choosy about how things look then you will definitely like the design of this zipper lock.


  • TSA approved
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Smart password lock
  • Multiple uses


  • Nothing specific

Are Anti-Theft Zipper Locks For Backpacks Worth It? Verdict

After reviewing the five best zipper locks for backpacks, their pros and cons, and reading verified user reviews, I recommend the Lewis N Clark lock. 

The lock has a three-digit combination and a sturdy cable to hook multiple bags together.

When you use regular zipper locks, the zipper can be opened and replaced like it hasn’t been opened. With this product, you can secure your zippers in place, which will ensure no such breaches happen.

At under $40, with solid construction and versatility of use, you will not go wrong with this lock.


How Do You Secure A Zipper?

You can secure your zipper using a zipper-lock like the ones shared in this article.

What Is A TSA Zipper Lock?

These locks are approved by Transportation Security Administration and you can travel with them on the plane.

Are Zipper Locks Reliable?

Yes, they are very reliable and can prevent theft or at least delay it till you become aware of it.