best free identity theft protection services

The cases of stolen identity are increasing day by day and people worldwide are suffering from it. However, if you want to keep yourself and your loved one safe from this new type of scam then you need to be more alert when you are online and possibly buy identity theft insurance for yourself.

These insurance companies keep an eye on your personal details and alerts you about stolen identity as soon as possible so that you can minimize the damage.

They also provide you reimbursement for any financial loss caused by identity theft. However, such identity theft plans are costly and not everyone can afford them.

But there also some cheap identity theft protection plans that people on a low budget can buy to safeguard their and their family’s identity. However, if your pocket doesn’t even allow you to go for the cheap protection plans then here in this article we are going to talk about some best free identity theft protection plans for which you don’t have to pay a dime.

So even if you no budget at all you can still get yourself insured with an identity theft protection plan.

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How To Get Free Identity Theft Protection?

If you wish to buy an identity theft protection service but you don’t have the budget for it then you must be looking for ways to get it for free. Luckily, there are some identity theft insurance companies that provide basic protection against stolen identities for free.

You can become a member of these companies to get free identity theft protection. The best part is that some companies don’t even need a credit card to signup, just enter your details and you are good to go.

Here we have shortlisted 3 such companies that provide identity theft protection for free but before that let’s find out whether these free services are worth it or not?

Are Free Identity Theft Protection Services Worth It?

Frankly speaking, no free identity theft protection plan provides you full security against identity theft as paid insurance plans would do.

However, the free plans are sufficient for someone who is at low risk of such scams. Also, subscribing to free identity theft protection is at least better than no protection at all.

Moreover, there are some free identity theft protection plans that are as good as paid plans as they provide free credit monitoring reports as well as provide you reimbursement in case of financial loss.

So, we can conclude that free identity protection services are worth it and if you have no budget to buy the paid insurance plans you can definitely go for them.

Top 3 Free Identity Theft Protection Plans

1. Credit Sesame (Best Overall)

best free identity theft protection service

The first company that provides identity theft protection for free is Credit Sesame. It provides complete protection from identity theft frauds by providing credit monitoring report from one bureau which is TransUnion.

Moreover, it covers you with fraud insurance worth $1 million when you subscribe to their free plan. In case you become a victim of financial fraud this insurance will help you get back your lost money. Also, you get to talk to an identity restoration expert who will help you restore your stolen identity for free of cost.

The best part is that you don’t need a credit card to be a member of Credit Sesame’s free identity theft protection plan. Just create an account on their platform and you are good to go.

Overall, it is the best identity theft protection for free. You can also subscribe to their premium plans if you want even more detailed reports and better security against identity thieves.


  • Free credit monitoring
  • No credit card needed for creating the account
  • Fraud insurance worth $1 million
  • An identity restoration expert will help you restore lost identity for free


  • Credit report is given only from one bureau

2. AAA ProtectMyID

protect my id

The second protection plan that you can get for free is the AAA ProtectMyID. It provides you credit reports upon signing up from one credit bureau (Experian) for free of cost.

With this free ID theft protection plan you can keep an eye on your credits and save yourself from financial frauds.

Moreover, it helps you prevent identity theft when wallet is stolen by blocking and cancelling your debit, credit and medical cards with a single call. This is very helpful because most identity theft cases start from stolen wallets.

You also get fraud resolution support from a US-based agent that provides step by step procedure to investigate and restore your stolen identity. Moreover, you can get identity theft insurance worth $10,000 but for that, you need to be a Premier Member.


  • Easy credit monitoring
  • Provides identity theft protection when wallet is stolen
  • You get free fraud resolution support


  • Insurance worth $10,000 is only applicable to premier members

3. TransUnion Free Protection Plan

Free credit reports

The last but certainly not the least company that provides identity theft protection for free is Transunion.

It does provide all-around protection but is more focused on protecting you from credit fraud as it alerts you instantly when someone tries to open a new account in your name.

You can receive the notification through the medium of your choices like text, phone notification, or email. Moreover, it allows you to lock and unlock your credit report with a touch of a button on its mobile app.

It also covers you with the ID theft insurance worth $25000, so you are totally protected by it.

Also, for creating the account with TransUnion, you do not need to add your credit card details nor does it charge you a penny for it, it’s totally free.

But if you want you can upgrade to their premium plan which costs a mere $9.99/month. However, there is no pressure from them for you to upgrade.


  • Great for credit monitoring
  • One touch to lock and unlock your reports
  • Insurances worth $25000


  • Credit report are given from only one bureau

Identity Theft Protection Plans Are Important

If you have never been a victim of stolen identity it doesn’t mean that you never will be. Anyone can fall prey to identity theft and therefore you should always be alert and take protective measures against such types of frauds.

If you find yourself at high risk of identity theft fraud go with paid protection plans that provide you all-around protection.

However, if you are at low risk then you can pick any one of these free identity theft protection services to keep yourself safe from these frauds without paying anything.


How Do I Protect My Identity For Free?

To protect your identity for free you can either manually check your credit reports and keep and eye on all of your online account or you can signup to any one of the free identity theft protection services.

Is It Worth Paying For Identity Theft Protection?

If free protection plans are not sufficient for you then you can definitely pay for their premium plans which provides better protection.

Which Is The Best Free Identity Theft Protection Plan?

According to our research Credit Sesame provides best identity theft protection for free.

Is AAA ProtectMyID Free For Use?

The answer to you question is both yes and no as the company provides both free and paid identity theft protection services.

What Is The Best Identity Theft Protection Service For Credit Monitoring For Free?

Among the three free identity theft services mentioned, TransUnion provides the best free credit monitoring.