Buying Identity theft insurance these days is as important as buying health or life insurance because you never know when you may become a victim of stolen identity. However, rather than buying an individual plan for you and your partner, it’s preferable that you go with companies that provide couple identity theft protection services.

By doing so you will not just save some money on two different plans, but it will also be easier for you to keep track of your identity theft reports this way.

There are lots of companies out there that provide couple identity theft protection services but not all worth your attention. In this article, I review the best id theft protection for couples for you so that you don’t have to look out for them on your own.

3 Best Identity Theft Protection For Couples

1. Lifelock– Best Identity Theft Protection For Couples

best couple identity theft protection

When starting out a new life with your partner, there is no need to start that journey by having your identity stolen. The Lifelock system allows you to sign up to its platform in only a few minutes. That is how easy their application form is to fill out.

Once their system is installed, they protect your identity and send you alerts through multiple avenues. These avenues include your mobile phone app, e-mail, or phone. Plus, their system helps block identity thieves from accessing you and your spouse’s personal information.

In addition to personal detail protection, Lifelock encourages you to not use personal checks with your social security number, driver’s license number and replace the payment option with cashier’s checks or money orders.

They also suggest you pick a night and shred all your old documents under your maiden name. That way no one can steal your identity before you get used to using it. That is not all, as Lifelock provides you with a VPN to make your online activities private.

If you do lose money under Lifelock’s protection, they have a reimbursement program. Depending on the type of account you signed up for, you can get $25,000, $100,000, or up to $1,000,000 returned to you. Now, that is security.

Also, the company will work with you on their pricing programs. You can get a 15% discount on the Select plan if you pay once a year. The cost would equal $8.29 a month and $9.99 if you pay each month. Other plans are more expensive.

What we do not like about this option is that after one year, the plan’s cost increase by $50 for the annual payment option and by $5 per month for their monthly payment plan. Nonetheless, it is still the best Best identity theft protection a newly wedded couple can opt for.

2. Identity Gaurd – AI Powered Couple Protection Plan

spouse id protection

When you want the best, this is the company you turn to. It scored a 9.6 rating out of a possible 10. That score as possible as it is powered by IBM’s Watson AI.

This company has been in the business of protecting people for 20 years and that experience helps this company to be one of the best you can sign up and use. The long experience has led this company to offer 24/7 identity theft monitoring, credit report monitoring at the 3 major credit reporting companies, as well as provide you with detailed reports.

They also can scan the dark web and your bank accounts to see if anyone is doing anything illegal with your identity. Then they offer what the company calls a solicitation reduction option. This cuts down on those risky letters that are sent out by different credit card companies and other institutions.

By cutting down the mail, your identity is harder to steal by those thieves who prefer the old-school way of stealing information. Then if you love to surf on the internet or participate in one of the many social media outlets, this company has you covered in those areas as well.

They help prevent phishing, hacking, and other electronic activities meant to steal your personal information. Their costs are competitive but they offer so much. 2 plans with either an individual or family option are available for you to choose from. You can pick the family plan if you want to get identity theft protection for you and your spouse.

To be competitive, this company also offers up to $1,000,000 in theft protection and reimbursement.

3. Identity Force– Effective Credit Monitoring

credit monitor plan

when you cannot be in all places at the same time, this identity theft protection company can cover your weak spots. Not only do they monitor any suspicious activity at the three major credit reporting services, but they also go much deeper.

Their plans can delve into the dark web and bank account to make sure no unauthorized person. The name of the plan is spouse protection and you can join any one of the three levels of protection this company offers.

The cheapest id theft protection plan starts at $14.99 per month or $150 a year and you get dark web and phishing protections in the base plan. The two higher levels to this plan may cost more but your coverage is extended to provide you with thorough protection.

Membership is easy although a bit time-consuming. Along with setting up your account and creating a username and password, you will have to provide Identity Force with lots of personal information. For example, your social insurance number and birthday for both spouses.

If privacy is a concern to you be aware that this company does share information and only uses a 128-bit encryption code. Plus, since the company is based in America, it will have to share information with the government due to certain cyber laws.

Once you have your membership, you will have to verify your identity by answering different questions. But that is a minor inconvenience. Your alerts can come through an app, e-mail, or phone and the company offers up to $1,000,000 in theft reimbursement if you or your spouse falls prey to an identity theft scam.


So these were the best identity theft protection plans you could buy to safeguard yourself and your life partner from scammers and identity thieves. All these plans offer a wide range of protection from all sorts of stolen identity frauds and make sure your identity stays intact. So get yourself an id theft protection plan that suits your needs and falls in your budget!


What Is Identity Theft?

This is where criminals steal your personal information and open up accounts, buy homes, and do other criminal activity in your name.

Are Children Vulnerable To Identity Theft?

Yes, if they have a Social Security number and parents who over-share information about their children on social media they can become a victim of stolen identity. The child’s clean credit history makes it easy for criminals to establish credit accounts.

Is It Difficult To Open A Couple Identity Theft Protection Account?

In most cases, you will only have to spend a few minutes filling out your account details and providing your personal information that enables these companies to monitor your identity.

Do These Companies Collect And Sell My Information?

It is possible and you would have to read their terms and agreements to see how extensive that collection and sharing goes. However, each company has a do not sell my information clause so your information is in safe hands.

How Does Identity Theft Take Place?

Sometimes it comes through the loss of your wallet or purse. Other times it can be done by stealing key pieces of mail from your mailbox. Finally, it can be done through data breaches or sending personal information through e-mail, etc. It all depends on the criminals involved.