antitheft and minimalist men wallet

Men are highly obsessed with wallets. They consider it as a part of their apparel, so they tend to look for something that can shine in the crowd like a king.

But beauty is not the only thing that men should look at in a wallet. In fact, the more eyes your wallet grasp, the more are the chances of your cards getting skimmed.

Yes, that’s absolutely true. With RFID readers, a skimmer can easily read your RFID enabled cards and steal all your confidential information, or in the worst-case scenario, all your money.

Such highly sophisticated stealing demands advanced anti-theft technology as a skimmer barely needs to touch you for getting all the information about you.

By getting the best minimalistic RFID blocking wallet for yourself, you will not only secure your information from getting passed on, but the slim and minimalist design will make you look even more classy.

And of course, the compact wallets are also hard to notice as they don’t bulge out of the pocket, saving you from becoming a keen target.

So, lets get to the list of the best minimalistic anti-theft wallet for men with RFID technology.

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Comparison Table For You

<br>(Best Overall)<br>Travendo Men Slim Wallet

(Best Overall)
Travendo Men Slim Wallet

  • RFID blocking technology
  • Thumb opening for most used card
  • Cash clip available
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(Best Looks)<br>Bellroy Men Wallet

(Best Looks)
Bellroy Men Wallet

  • Bifold closure
  • Separate coin pocket
  • Hidden cash pocket
  • RFID technology
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(Best Quality)<br>Fossil Bifold Wallet

(Best Quality)
Fossil Bifold Wallet

  • Bifold closure
  • RFID technology
  • Additional flip ID window
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7 Best Minimalistic Wallets For Men In 2021

1. Travendo Men Slim Wallet

best minimalistic antitheft wallets for men

Unlike your large and bulky wallets, Travendo men’s wallet is slim with a size of 4.5 x 3.1 x 0.6 inches.

Even with a total of 11 pockets, the Travendo wallet has managed to maintain its slim and compact design. These 11 pockets are enough to carry all your cards and bills and you’ll still be left with enough space.

For carrying some cash, you are provided with a good quality money clip. The clip is tightly attached to your wallet so the money doesn’t slip out of it.

Different color options will let you match the wallet with your apparels. These color options include black, black orange, black white, carbon, chocolate, cognac, gray, and vintage brown.

Moreover, safety features added to elegance makes this wallet a perfect deal to steal. The RFID blocking pockets will not let any RFID signals to pass through the wallet, saving your crucial information from passing on to skimmers.

There’s a thumb opening at the outer part of the wallet. Here you can keep the most frequently used card and the thumb opening helps to quickly slide out the card for quick payments.


  • Enough pockets for all your cards
  • Cash clip available for carrying cash
  • Different color options available
  • Comes with RFID blocking technology
  • Thumb opening for quick card sliding


  • You might not like the stitching

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2. Buffway Slim Wallet

slim antitheft men wallet

Let me introduce you to to a simple-looking sleek wallet that will be a choice of every classy man. Buffway Slim Wallet is made with high quality leather for all the leather admirers.

With just 3 1/8 x 4 7/16 x 1/9 inches of dimension, Buffway will rest in your pocket without bulging out like your ordinary wallets.

Despite being slim and compact, the wallet is enough to hold all your debit/credit cards, driving license, and cash with its 8 slots.

If the color is what you are concerned about, then let me tell you that Buffway wallet is available in plenty of different color options like black, blue, brown, gray, green, pink, purple, and plenty of other colors too.

Although this smart anti-theft wallet is unisex in nature, it would look better in a men’s pocket then in a women’s handbag.

If you use a particular card more than often, then you can put that card in the pocket with a thumb hole for quick access to that card.

Nowadays most of the cards that we use come with an RFID chip inside them. These chips constantly emit signals and anyone with an RFID reader can read those signals, hence getting all your valuable information.

In order to protect your identity and details about your cash cards, Buffway wallet pockets are made with RFID blocking technology.

All our credit/debit cards and passport work on a frequency between 13 to 14 Mhz, and Buffway is easily able to block the frequency that these cards emit.

But when it comes to cards that work on 125 KHz signals, like those of hotel cards, this wallet is incapable of blocking those signals. Overall, it is one of the best identity theft protection wallet you can get.


  • RFID blocking technology
  • Thump hole for quick access to cards
  • Enough space for your cards and cash
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Made of high-quality leather


  • Cannot work with cards that emit 125 KHz signals

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3. Runbox Men Wallet

runbox men wallet

Searching for the best anti-theft bifold wallet for yourself? You’re going to love what Runbox has brought for you.

High quality leather material of the wallet and attractive colors will surely get some complements.

With a size of just 4 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches, Runbox is the true minimalist wallet for men. But even with such a compact size, the wallet has enough space for all sorts of cards and cash.

This wallet has a total of 10 card holder slots and enough space to store up to 20 banknotes with the help of a good quality money clip.

With a thumb hole at the end of one card slot, you can quickly access the card that you use the most.

The sleek design makes this wallet unnoticeable, not cause an attraction to the pickpockets like your ordinary wallets that bulge out of your rare pocket.

With a touch of RFID blocking technology, it’s not possible for skimmers to put their hands on valuable information about you and your money cards.

Runbox is confident about the quality of their wallets, and hence they are giving the lifetime warranty for it. If you ever face any quality issues with the wallet, you can demand for a 100% refund of your money.


  • Made of high quality leather
  • Thumb hold for quick card release
  • Made with RFID blocking technology
  • Spacious enough for cards and cash
  • The wallet comes with lifetime warranty


  • Might not block information from cards emitting 125 KHz signals

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4. Travelambo Leather Wallet

travelambo wallet

If you are fed up with your usual looking wallet then it’s time to switch to Travelambo leather wallet, crafted especially for men.

The size of the wallet is 3.3 X 4.1 X 0.12 inches. You might find the length of the wallet a bit long than you want, but it’s a slim looking wallet with only 0.12 inches thick.

There are a total of 6 slots in the wallet for all your needs related to keeping cards and money safe. In the front slot, you also get a thumb hole for quick sliding out the most used card.

With a variety of color options like black, black cros, black premium, blue, coffee, deep brown, and so on, you can choose the one that defines your style the best.

Your debit credit cards, passports, and other identity cards regularly emit signals if they are made with RFID technology. Skimmers might use an RFID reader to extract all your personal information and then use it for some wrong purpose.

With Travelambo men wallet, you can easily block the signals from spreading out wide, hence making it impossible for the card readers to extract your card information.

Most of our cards work on 13.56 kHz frequency, and this wallet is successful in blocking those signals. But it fails to block the signals from cards that work on 125 kHz frequency.


  • High quality leather
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Thumb hole for easy access to card
  • Enough card slots
  • Multiple color options


  • Length of the card is more than needed
  • Does not block signals from cards with 125kHz frequency

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5. Fossil Bifold Wallet

fossil genuine leather men wallet

Fossil needs no introduction, and the brand is a perfect synonym for quality. The high-quality pure cowhide leather gives a shiny and rich look to your wallet, so much so that you will surely get some compliments.

The smart-looking wallet has a bifold closure which gives a slim look to your wallet. There’s an added transparent flip ID window, plus 1 bill compartment, 2 slide pockets, and 8 slots for cards.

These many compartments are enough to keep all the necessary cards and cash bills while maintaining the slim nature of the wallet.

Fossil bifold wallet measures 4.38 x 0.75 x 3.5 inches, giving it a sleek look and better than your ordinary bulky wallets.

Moreover, with RFID technology enabled, you will secure your cards from unnecessary scanning, saving yourself from giving up your crucial personal information.

This wallet is available in black and brown colors and it’s hard to tell which one looks better. So I leave this decision up to you.


  • High quality leather
  • Additional flip ID window
  • RFID blocking wallet
  • Looks elegant
  • two color options available


  • A bit expensive

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6. Bellroy Men Wallet

wallet with best looks

Just keep the Bellroy wallet in your pocket and BOOM! you are dressed to kill. Just look in the photo above, don’t this wallet looks catchy to the eyes?

You have a variety of color options to choose from, like black, caramel, charcoal, java, marine blue, and so on. You can choose any that you think will go best with your personality and go with every occasion.

The dimensions of the wallet are 3.3 x 4.5 inches, making it the best looking minimalistic wallet for men.

There are enough compartments in the wallet to fit a lot of your card, plus there’s enough space for your cash too. With the given coin pocket, you can keep some change along with big currency notes.

There’s a hidden compartment for cash too where you can keep some money for emergency.

Talking about its anti-theft properties, the Bellroy wallet has RFID blocking compartments. So while using this wallet, you don’t need to worry about handing over your confidential information to thieves.


  • Looks of the wallet are amazing
  • Enough pockets for cards and cash
  • Coin pocket available
  • Built with RFID technology
  • Good built quality
  • Multiple color options


  • Highly-priced
  • The little owl logo might get caught with your clothes

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7. Bulliant Pocket Wallet

bulliant wallet for men

Attractive looks, sleek design, enough slots, and what not? This wallet is a complete package that anyone would ever want.

Bulliant pocket wallet is made with high quality leather. With multiple color options on the table, you don’t need to settle down with one color. These color options include, black1675, espresso mist1676, gray1674, ligh brown 1673, sauce coffee 1678, black 1681, and there are many more on the list.

Your Bulliant wallet has a bifold design just like your normal wallet, but its size is far compact than ordinary wallets.

The size of the wallet is 4.3 x 2 x 0.6 inches and weighs 1.2 ounces, making it a perfect accessory for people looking for a slim wallet.

Despite being slim and minimalistic, you get enough slots for all your debit/credit cards. There’s one finger glove (thumb hole) given for your ID card and another finger hole given for your most used debit/credit card.

Along with our cards, we all carry some cash in our wallets as well, right? Giving equal priority to our cash, this wallet has a high quality money clip built in.

The pockets of Bulliant wallet is made with 3 different metal composition, making it completely proof to unnecessary RFID readers.


  • The looks are good
  • Enough slots for cards
  • Bifold closure
  • Money clip available
  • RFID technology built
  • Multiple color options
  • Finger glove available


  • You ID card might not fit in the allotted slot

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Buy The Best And Leave The Rest: Buying Guide

If you are spending a fortune on purchasing the best minimalistic wallet for your cash and cards, then it should actually be the best.

So here’s the list of some of the factors that you should definitely look for before purchasing a slim anti-theft wallet.

1. Minimalist Design

Looking for the best minimal-looking wallet and then purchasing a usual bulky wallet, what else do you call foolishness?

So the first thing to look for in a Minimalistic wallet is minimalistic design of course.

Along with compact looks, it should be equally light weight and should not bulge out of the pocket like normal wallets do.

All these things combined make a wallet perfectly minimalistic.

2. Anti-Theft Properties

The wallets that we normally use are prone to skimming and pickpocketing. But that’s not the case with the best RFID blocking minimalistic wallets which are also known as identity theft protection wallets.

The RFID blocking quality of these wallets save your information from passing on to the skimmers on the one hand, while the slim and compact design saves the wallet from coming in the notice of thieves and pickpockets on the other.

3. Card Holders And Other Useful Properties

Despite having a minimalistic design, a useful wallet is one that has enough card holders for all your money cards as well as your IDs.

Also, it should have a separate space for keeping cash, either in the form of cash clip or a separate pocket for it. It would be even better if you can also get a separate space for keeping some coins without compromising on the slimness of the wallet.

FAQs You Should Know

What’s The Best Minimalist Anti-Theft Wallet For Men?

Travelambo leather wallet is the best minimalist wallet for men and it comes with RFID blocking technology.

Do RFID Blocking Wallets Really Work?

Yes, RFID blocking actually work and they prevent skimmers from getting your personal data.

What Should I Put In My Anti-Theft Minimalist Wallet?

These wallets work like your normal wallets and you can put your cards and cash without any worries.

Do RFID Wallets Ruin Credit Cards?

No, RFID wallets do not ruin credit cards. In fact, they save your confidential information from skimmers.

Can Credit Card Information Be Stolen From Inside Your Wallet?

If your wallet is not RFID blocking, then anyone with an RFID reader can steal your credit card details.

Can Someone Read My Credit Card In My Pocket?

Yes, if your card has an RFID chip, then a skimmer can read all your credit card details without even touching you.