best rfid blocking cards for debit credit cards

Some people prefer keeping wallets and some people don’t. And it doesn’t matter if you fall under the latter or the former category, there is always a high risk of getting skimmed by a hacker walking with an RFID reader.

There’s only one way to tackle these highly advanced thieves, keeping our stuff safe with an RFID blocker products.

Now, if you like to keep a wallet, you can either choose to go for a good RFID blocking wallet or simply choose the best RFID jamming card and keep it inside your wallet with your debit/credit cards and passports.

And if you don’t like to keep a wallet, simply attach these jamming cards with your money cards and put them directly in your pockets.

Either way, you will be protecting your money and information from going into the wrong hands. But choosing the right RFID card protector is not easy. And that’s why we have already done the tough job and listed out the best RFID blocking cards for your credit/debit cards.

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Comparison Table

(Best Overall)<br>VAULTCARD NFC Jamming Cards

(Best Overall)

  • Slim and light weight
  • Range of 7cms
  • Automatically turns on after detecting signals
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(Cheapest Overall)<br>Antetoko Protector Cards

(Cheapest Overall)
Antetoko Protector Cards

  • Four cards in less than $9
  • Light weight and casual dimensions
  • Range of 3cms
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(Best Design)<br>Manyi Cards

(Best Design)
Manyi Cards

  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • 5 cards in one pack
  • One card can protect whole wallet
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7 Best RFID Blocking Cards For You

1. VAULTCARD NFC Jamming Cards

best rfid blocking cards

Let’s start the list with a card that gives the best range to protect your debit/credit cards. Unlike any other card on Amazon, VAULTCARD by Vaultskin has a range of whooping 7cm on each side.

Confused what I’m talking about, right? Well, this range means that if your money card is anywhere under the range of 7cm, VAULTCARD will jam all the NFC signals coming to your cards.

VAULTCARD is just 1.2mm thick and 3.35 x 0.05 x 2.13 inches in size, meaning, it’s simply unnoticeable from the outside if kept in your pocket.

Although VAULTCARD has the best range, still, it’s advisable that you attach it with your passport, debit/credit cards and then keep them in your pocket.

And it doesn’t matters how many money cards you carry, a single VAULTCARD can protect all of them.

VAULTCARD NFC protector is the best because because it automatically switches on even when it catches a signal that is 100 times lesser than what’s needed to read your cards.


  • Slim and light weight jammer card
  • High range of 7cm
  • A single VAULTCARD can protect all cards
  • Automatically turns on even after detecting low signals


  • Highly expensive as compared to other cards

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2. SmartProduct RFID Blocking Cards

smartproduct protector card

Not interested in RFID blocking sleeves or wallets? Here’s a simple card for you, that when attached to money cards will protect them from unwanted scamming.

A single SmartProduct card is powerful enough to secure your entire wallet.

The card has dimensions of 3.35 x 2.13 x 0.04 inches and a weight of 1.58 ounces, making it unnoticeable while kept in a pocket.

You will get a total of 4 cards in less than $10, so can secure yourself from identity theft and your loved ones as well.

When it comes to range, this SmartProduct card can protect your identity and money cards till they are anywhere near 3cm of radius.

Most of your identity cards and debit/credit cards run on a frequency of 13.56 Mhz, and SmartProduct cards can protect them all. But it won’t be able to protect the cards working on a frequency of 125Mhz.


  • Slim and lightweight card
  • 4 cards in less than $10
  • Single card can protect complete wallet
  • Decent range of 3cm


  • Cannot protect cards working on 125Mhz frequency

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3. Ultrashang RFID Card Blocker

ultrashang rfid blocking cards

Stop being a sufferer of RFID skimming with an Ultrashang card blocker. It looks just like every casual card, but don’t go on its looks, this card can stop all the unnecessary RFID signals.

The card has a dimensions of 3.15 x 1.97 x 0.05 inches and weighs as less as 0.35 ounces, making it completely pocket friendly.

Just attach this protective card with your passport or money cards, and you are good to go. This card has a range of 3cm on each side and a single Ultrashang card it’s powerful enough to protect your wallet completely.

At a decent price, you get two Ultrashang cards, one for you and the other one for your loved ones, making it a good deal to steal.

Just like every money/passport protector card, this one also won’t work on cards working on 100-125Mhz frequency.


  • Lightweight and casual size
  • Decent range of 3cm
  • 2 cards in one pack
  • Powerful enough to protect the complete wallet


  • Cannot protect cards working on 100-125Mhz frequency

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4. Slimliang Jamming Cards

slimliang jamming cards

Don’t let your hard earned dough and personal information slip from your hands. Instead, protect them with Slimliang cards that can jam RFID signals sent by unknown RFID readers.

In less than $10, you get 4 Slimliang cards. So don’t just protect yourself, keep the money and information of your loved ones safe as well.

With a range of 3cm on one side, you don’t need to worry if both Slimliang and your money card are not completely attached.

The size of the card is 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.1 inches and it weighs 1.13 ounces, making it a perfect fit for your wallet card slots.

Just like every high-quality RFID card blocker, this one right here also doesn’t require any charge or battery change.

Slimliang cards can protect all the signals coming from debit/credit cards, and passports, etc, as they work on 13.56Mhz frequency. But it fails on institutional cards as they work on 100-125Mhz frequency.


  • 4 cards in less than $10
  • Light in weight and casual dimensions
  • Don’t require any batteries and charge
  • Decent range of 3cm


  • Don’t work on frequencies that institutional cards emit.

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5. Antetoko Protector Cards

antetoko cards

A little carelessness from your side can result in the sucking up of all the money from your bank accounts and a loss of your highly confidential personal information.

In order to secure yourself from such a mishap, you need a highly sophisticated piece of technology. And Antotoko protector cards claim to be the one.

With its NFC blocking technology, this card can repel all the unwanted signals that your cash cards are prone to.

By paying even less than $9, you get a total of 4 cards, which makes it a must to do investment. You can keep one card for yourself and gift the others to your loved ones.

Given the size of 3.3 x 2.3 x 0.09 inches and a weight of 1.44 ounces, this card will easily fit your wallet slot. When it comes to protection range, it can keep your cards safe within the the range of 3cms.


  • You get a total of 4 cards in less than $9
  • Light weight and casual dimensions
  • A range of 3cms on each side
  • One card can protect all cards


  • Cannot protect cards working on 100-125Mhz frequency

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6. Quctak Cards

quctak jamming card

All hail to the savior! With Quctak protector card by your side, you don’t need to worry about the hungry RFID readers looking to eat your crucial information.

No charging, no battery, nothing. Just put it along with your important RFID-enabled cards and forget about any RFID-related danger coming your way.

As soon as Quctak card receives an RFID signal, it generates an opposing signal, hence preventing data loss.

But one thing that you should know is, that the card works on 13.56Mhz frequency on which your cash cards, passports, and driving license work. But when it comes to institutional cards, like the ones issued by hotels, it fails to protect from the coming frequencies.

Another thing to note is that the Quctak card works as long as your important cards are under the range of 3cms.

The Quctak card is ultra-slim and has a decent size so you can easily keep it in your pocket, wallet purse, and anywhere you want. In one pack, you get a total of 4 cards, so if one gets lost, you have another one protecting your essential information.


  • 4 cards in one pack
  • Can easily fit in your wallet
  • Has a range of 3cms
  • No battery or charging required


  • Cannot protect institutional cards

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7. Manyi Cards

manyi rfid blocking card

Made with RFID blocking technology, Manyi cards are your best solution for identity and money theft.

A single Manyi card weights 1.1 ounce and has a dimension of 5.31 x 3.03 x 0.39 inches, making it pocket friendly, wallet friendly, purse friendly, or whatever you want to say.

A single protection card can defend all your important cards, just keep all of them under the range of 2.5cms.

As most of your important cards work on a frequency of 13.56Mhz, the Manyi protection cards can defend all of them. But that’s not the case with institutional cards as they work under the frequency of 100-125Mhz.

Manyi gives you a deal that you should never miss. A single pack costs you less than $11 and you get a total of 5 cards. So it’s a perfect accessory for protecting all your family from skimming.


  • Easy to carry and handle due to casual dimensions
  • You get a total of 5 cards in one pack
  • One card can protect your complete wallet
  • No batteries or charging required


  • The range of card is less
  • Cannot protect institutional cards

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Best RFID Blocking Cards Buying Guide

As you are spending your hard earned money, I want you to invest it in the best RFID protection card. But there are some factors that you need to look up in the cards first. Let’s discuss all of them.


The reason why most of you are looking for an RFID enabled card is that you don’t want to stuff your pocket with a wallet. So you are looking up for something that when kept in in pocket is unnoticeable.

This makes important for us to look up for the dimensions of the jamming card you are buying.

Make sure that card you are buying has a decent dimension and weight. To give you an idea, it should be somewhat equal to your debit/credit card.

RFID Blocking

What if I sell you a beautiful car with an only drawback that it does not move an inch? Doesn’t make any sense, right?

Well, the same way, purchasing a protective card for yourself that don’t have RDIF blocker makes no sense.

So make sure that card you have chosen has RFID jamming technology.


Another thing to look for in a protective card is the range of its working. It means the range to which it can protect your money card/passport.

The card you are going to buy should have a protective range of at least 3cms.

RFID Protecting Wallet VS Sleeves VS Cards

While looking for an RFID jamming product, most people will get confused as to what should they purchase, a wallet, card sleeve, or a card.

Well, this totally depends on your needs. If you are a guy that usually keeps their stuff in a wallet instead of a pocket then an RFID wallet is best for you.

If you already have a wallet and don’t want to spend your money on a new one, but still want to protect your cards, then an RFID sleeve is a perfect choice for you.

Some people believe in making payments with cards instead of cash. And due to that, they might have to access their cards quite often, and taking out the card out of sleeve every time can be a bit laborious.

For such people, an RFID blocking card is a perfect thing to buy.

FAQs For You

Do RFID Blocking Cards Really Work?

Yes, RFID blocking cards actually work. These cards are build with RFID blocking technology to ensure the protection from skimming.

What Is The Best RFID Credit Card Protector

VAULTCARD by Vaultskin is the best RFID credit card protector that you can buy on Amazon.

How Can I Protect My Contactless Card?

You can protect data theft and money theft from your contactless cards using RFID blocking cards.

Do RFID Cards Ruin Credit/Debit Cards?

No, some people think that the advanced technology of jamming cards might ruin their money cards. But that’s not true, instead, they protect your money cards like nothing else.