The cars are getting automatic, TVs are getting bigger, phones are getting smarter and thieves are getting digital. Yes, you heard the last one right.

The time is changing quickly, and it’s an era where the thieves are coping up with technology to loot you in the most professional ways. That time is gone when thieves used to put hands in your pocket and bag to steal your belongings.

Today you can even get looted without barely getting touched by a pickpocket. Yes, that’s true. As we are using RFID technology more than often, scammers today carry special RFID readers in order to collect your valuable information transmitted by the RFID chip on your passport and credit cards.

But failing these digital thieves is not that hard either. All you need a little awareness of how to protect your information from wirelessly transmitting into the wrong hands. With RFID blocking products like card sleeves, you can cease the RFID card readers from getting any signals from your cards.

So, get ready to see the list of best RFID blocking sleeves for your cards before you get looted and there’s no money left to buy the sleeves either.

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Comparison Table For A Quick Decision Making

(Best Overall)<br>Elk & Bear Anti-Theft Sleeves

(Best Overall)
Elk & Bear Anti-Theft Sleeves

  • 3.46 x 0.04 x 2.24 inches size
  • RFID blocking
  • US government FIPS 201 approved
  • tear-proof
  • life-time replacement
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(Best Design)<br>Database Sleeves

(Best Design)
Database Sleeves

  • 7.2 x 0.2 x 5.2 inches size
  • RFID blocking
  • Water-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
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(Cheapest Overall)<br>Owfeel Sleeves

(Cheapest Overall)
Owfeel Sleeves

  • RFID blocking
  • Slash-proof
  • Water-proof
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Best RFID Blocking Sleeves For Passport And Credit/ Debit Cards

1. Boxiki Travel Card Sleeves


With a set of 12 credit card protecting sleeves, Boxiki Travels is giving a cheap deal. The sleeves have a dimension of 7.01 x 5.12 x 0.24 inches, and with such a standard dimension, it’s easy to fit your credit card in the sleeves.

To block the radio frequencies emitted from RFID readers, these sleeves are made with aluminum foil coating, a material that can easily fail RFID readers.

Boxiki Travel credit card sleeves are made waterproof, so if your cards somehow get exposed to rain, there’s nothing to worry about. The tear-resistant nature of the card makes your credit and debit cards even more secure from the RFID readers.

All 12 sleeves come with different color patterns to help you remember which sleeve holds which card.


  • Built with RFID blocking technology
  • The sleeves are water-resistant
  • Tear-resistant sleeves
  • Different color patterns to remember cards


  • No dedicated sleeve for passport or debit card

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2. Elk & Bear Anti-Theft Sleeves

best rfid sleeves for your cards

Looking for one of the best RFID blocking sleeves? Let me introduce you to Elk & Bear sleeves. These sleeves are US government FIPS 201 approved, which gives a guarantee that they won’t allow any radio-frequencies to come in contact with your passport, credit/debit cards and lose your money or personal information.

Another amusing thing about Elk &Bear RFID blocking sleeves is that they have lifetime replacements. I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, that’s true. Although the sleeves are tear-proof, if the sleeves rip out, tear apart, or wear out, you get a replacement for them, and that too forever.

In just a few bucks, you get a total of 8 sleeves with every sleeve having a unique design so you can remember which sleeve holds which card.

Fitting your credit/debit cards, or passport is easy as the sleeves have a dimension of 3.46 x 0.04 x 2.24 inches and weigh only 0.2 ounces.


  • Can easily block RFID
  • Elk & Bear card sleeves are US government FIPS 201 approved
  • The sleeves have a lifetime replacement
  • The sleeves are tear-proof
  • Comes in different patterns so you can remember cards


  • The sleeves might be a bit tight.

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3. DEEZOMO American Patterned Sleeves

deezomo sleeves

If you are looking for something that provides safety and catches some eyeballs at the same time, then these sleeves are for you. The unique pattern on every sleeve will also help in remembering the card according to the sleeve.

With a unique American pattern on every sleeve, you will surely get some compliments. At a decent price, you will get a total of 10 RFID blocking sleeves, with 2 sleeves having the same pattern.

DEEZOMO sleeves can easily fit your cards and then easily fit in your wallets as they have a decent dimension of 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.2 inches. Plus, they are almost weightless with a weight of just 0.3 ounces.

The rough and tough material of these RFID blocker sleeves makes them water-proof and tear-resistant, which makes them long-lasting.


  • Built with RFID blocking material
  • The sleeves are water-resistant in nature
  • The sleeves are tear-proof
  • The catchy pattern of the sleeves make them unique


  • You might find it difficult to fit the card in sleeve

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4. Owfeel Card Sleeves

owfeel card sleeves for passport cards

With 15 sleeves in less than $5, Owfeel RFID blocking sleeves is the cheapest deal that you can steal.

These sleeves are perfect for you if bright colors and designs don’t excite you and you prefer simplicity over everything else. All the 15 sleeves have simple silver color, giving them a sober look.

But as all the sleeves have same color, it’s hard to remember, which sleeve holds which card.

Owfeel sleeves have a size of 3.54 x 3.07 x 0.87 inches, which makes it easy to fit the card in the sleeve. But due to the extra width of the sleeves, it’s quite laborious to fit it into your wallet’s card slot.

The Aluminum built of the sleeves prevent your passport, or debit/credit cards from giving out any confidential information.


  • Made with RFID blocking technology
  • The sleeves are slash-proof
  • Water-proof in nature
  • Very inexpensive compared to other sleeves


  • All sleeves look the same making it harder to remember which sleeves hold which card
  • Extra size makes it hard to fit them in card slots of the wallet

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5. Kurtzy RFID Card Sleeves

kurtzy credit debit card sleeves

Secure your cards and at the same time, decorate your wallet with a Kurtzy set of 8 wallet sleeves. Each sleeve is made with an electromagnetically opaque shield to block any kind of money fraud and identity theft.

The sleeves measures 3.5 x 2.3 inches to fit your money cards and passport easily.

As the sleeves are available in different patterns, it’s easy to remember, which sleeve holds which card, saving some of your precious time.

Other than the protection from skimming, these sleeves also protect your cards from rain and water splashes due to their water-proof nature. The high quality of the sleeves makes them tear-resistant, hence making them last long.


  • The sleeves can block RFID signals
  • Water-proof in nature
  • Tear-resistant
  • Attractive designs


  • You might find it difficult to fit the cards in their slots after putting them in sleeves

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6. Datasafe Sleeves

datasafe rfid sleeves

Just as the name suggests, these sleeves will protect all your personal data from professional skimmers with their electrostatic blocking layer.

These RFID blocking sleeves got the best design that you would want for your cards. Plus, the unique design of the sleeves will help you remember the card that each sleeve carries.

At a decent price, you get a total of 12 sleeves, 10 for your credit/debit cards, and 2 for your passport. With so many sleeves in one pack, you can keep the ones you want and gift the other ones to the people you care about.

Your cards are not just prone to RFID readers but also to water. To solve this problem, these sleeves are made water-resistant. The tear-resistant nature of the sleeves provides durability on the other hand.

Don’t know for how long they are going to be in stock, so get yours ASAP!


  • The sleeves come with a unique and attractive design
  • Made with RFID blocking technology
  • Water-resistant in nature
  • Tear-resistant


  • The sleeve might get teared

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7. Boxiki Travel RFID Sleeves

boxiki travel sleeves

Here comes another amazing set of sleeves from Boxiki Travels. You will get a total of 12 credit card sleeves plus 3 passport holders, and that too at a decent price.

With so many sleeves, you can even make your loved ones happy by gifting them a few sleeves.

These sleeves have a dimension of 2.79 x 0.12 x 2.02 inches, which makes it easy to fit the cards in the sleeves and then in the wallet card slots.

Each sleeve has a unique color strip on the top which makes it easy to remember the card based on their strip colors.

As you would expect from an RFID blocker sleeve, these sleeves by Boxiki Travel cease any kind of scanning of the electronic chips that exist on your cards.

For more protection, they are made water and tear-resistant. However, some people complain that the sleeves might tear apart.


  • Built to block RFID frequencies
  • Water-resistant sleeves
  • Each card has a unique color strip
  • Easily fit in wallet slots


  • The sleeve might tear apart after some use

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Do I Really Need The RFID Blocking Sleeves? Conclusion

Well, if you think your money and your personal information need some security, then yes, you definitely need the best RFID blocking sleeves.

It’s just a stereotype that a thief will try to put their hand in your pocket or your backpack to steal your belongings. The time has changed, and so do the technique used for stealing.

Nowadays, theft can be carried out with just an electronic reader. And all it takes to steal your money and information is a quick crossing of the path between you and the skimmers.

So if the thieves are getting so smart, we need to get smarter to tackle them, don’t you think so!

FAQs That You Should Know

Does RFID Sleeves Really Work?

Yes absolutely, RFID sleeves are made with a material that can easily block the signals coming from electronic card readers.

Which Is The Best RFID Blocking Sleeve?

Although all the sleeves mentioned are worth buying, Elk & Bear anti-theft sleeves are the best ones. The reason for that is, they are US government FIPS 201 approved, plus these sleeves have a lifetime replacement.

What Material Can Block RFID Signals?

Some of the commonly used metals for blocking RFID signals are aluminum, copper, nickel, and carbon fiber.

Do I Need RFID Protection For My Passport?

RFID readers can easily extract all your personal information from your passport easily. And the skimmers can use that information to fulfill some wrong deed. This makes it important to protect the passport with RFID sleeves.