vintage car theft

In the world of automobiles, classic cars are most valuable and matchless. They have been around for a long time, and people put in time, effort, and money to keep them in mint condition. 

However, due to old technology and security features, a classic car is much easier to break into and steal than a new car and more difficult to track. Furthermore, there is an international market for American-made automobiles. If you have a vintage car, someone else will want it too.

These older cars are often targets for thieves looking to make off with the vehicle for its value and potential resale value. Car thieves usually steal classic car parts that they can then sell on the black market as it is difficult to replace those parts or vehicles if they get stolen. 

There is no need to worry, though; I have come up with affordable ways that will help provide maximum protection for your beloved classic car. Let us look at four classic car anti-theft car devices for your vintage car.

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How To Prevent Vintage & Older Car Theft – Valuable Tips

If you own a vintage car and worry about it being stolen, consider these tips for preventing theft of your old car.

Check Your Car Before Drive-Up

When you park your car, make sure to check the surroundings. Thieves are sneaky; they might be hiding and waiting for you to drive up so they can sneak in and steal your car. When entering the vehicle, check the trunk as well as the back seat.

Lock Your Doors

A thief can easily break into your car and steal anything they find in the backseat or trunk. Therefore, you must ensure that you have locked your doors, even if you’re only going to be gone for a few minutes.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car

One of the best ways to prevent older car theft is not leaving valuables inside your car. This includes anything with a high resale value, like coins, and anything that could provide quick cash for the thief, like loose change or laptop, or a purse. 

If you have a garage, try to only park in the garage when you can, instead of leaving your car outside in the open. If you don’t have a garage, park your car in your driveway or on the street, but always lock it uptight.

4 Classic Car Anti Theft Devices That Can Deter Thieves

1. Car Alarm System

car alarm system

The car alarm is the most popular way to protect your vehicle against thieves, and it alerts you when anyone tries to break into your car. 

Most modern cars come with a factory-installed alarm system that’s fit in by default. However, classic cars do not have any security devices installed and therefore, are vulnerable to theft

For this reason, you need to get a high-quality car alarm system to keep your vintage car safe. However, you may not want the flashing lights to hamper the vintage look of your car. 

Nevertheless, you can install the alarm unit discreetly so that flashing lights are only visible at night. 

Interestingly, car alarms are so common that they are rarely reported to the police. For this reason, you must buy an aftermarket alarm system with good quality that even enables notifying via cell phone either by push notification or text message.

Of course, having an alarm will not stop a thief who wants your vintage car badly enough. So, you must get insurance or make sure your insurance policy covers all vehicles in your household. 

2. GPS Tracker

old car theft prevention

A good quality GPS tracker is essential to get complete protection for your vehicle. It not only offers real-time location services but also alerts you in case someone tries to meddle with your car.  

Modern GPS devices come with an advanced notification system that provides real-time mobile notifications if any unusual event occurs in the vehicle.

These devices are usually plugged into the OBDII (onboard diagnostics) connector, which is found in most cars manufactured after 1996, but not in vintage cars. 

However, some installation options also allow placement on classic vehicles as well.  For example, the hardwired connection can be used to fit an OBD tracker into a vintage car, which means it can be fitted to its battery with a consistent 12-volt supply. 

However, battery-powered car trackers, such as Carlock Portable, do not require installation. These trackers are self-powered by their large batteries and can be placed anywhere inside a classic car. You can check out some affordable GPS trackers for your old car here.

3. Kill Switch

classic car anti theft device

Kill switches are one of the most effective ways to prevent car theft. The most popular kill switches are battery power kill switches that cut off power from the battery to the vehicle, leaving the car inoperable, even if hotwired. 

However, when looking for anti-theft kill switches, you must know a few things. One critical aspect is wiring them correctly to the car. You might need to consult your mechanic to choose the right switch type and inline components for your vehicle.

Also, kill switches are so popular that it is easy to figure out if a car has one. The disadvantage of a vintage car is that its hood can be opened easily. This means that a kill switch can be disabled easily. Kill switches placed under the dash are also easily located.

So, you need to consult your mechanic and place the kill switch so that it is not easily visible or accessible. This might require you to cut or alter the vehicle somehow, which can affect the value of your vehicle.

4. Steering Wheel Locks 

the club

Modern steering wheel locks work by using a “contactless technology,” which means they unlock using a button. If a thief tries to steal your car with the steering wheel lock activated, the lock remains locked.

A steering wheel lock may not prevent a determined car thief from breaking through your car, but it will keep them from steering your vehicle as they make off with it. 

Consider The Club steering lock if you’re looking for the best steering wheel lock for your vehicle. These heavy-duty locks have an auto-lock feature

Conclusion: Anti-Theft Device For Vintage Cars

Alarms are not enough because they won’t stop a thief from breaking into the car and driving off with it. So is the case with GPS trackers.

However, they are helpful because they send signals to a satellite that lets you know where your car is at any given time. The tracker will also alert you if the car leaves its designated area or if the battery dies. 

I recommend adding at least three out of four anti-theft devices mentioned above to safeguard your vintage car because it is worth it.

If you don’t want to invest in a new alarm system or GPS tracker, consider installing locks on all doors and windows, parking in well-lit areas, and using steering wheel locks.