best fake tv simulator to deter burglar

Fake TV lights are a bit deterrent that makes the house seem busy with someone watching TV, even if no one is home. The device produces the same flickering light effects as televisions but without real pictures or sound. The fake TV lights feature multi-colored bulbs, and the system switches between them randomly, mimicking the constant action on an actual TV screen.

The idea behind this is that thieves are known to attack abandoned buildings because they have more time to loot the place and don’t have to worry about the occupants. But if they see signs of a TV on, they assume the residents are home and leaving.

Do you want to protect your family while you sleep or protect your home while on vacation but don’t have the budget for a comprehensive protection system? Fake TV simulators is an incredible way to deter thieves on a tight budget.

Sure, they’re useless if a thief decides to break in, but it’s unlikely any intruder would instead break into a home that doesn’t seem to have someone awake and watching TV. Which one to bring? There are several options on the market, but most are not good.

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How Security TV Simulator Deter Burglars

The light emitted is realistic because it comes from multi-colored LEDs behind prismatic lenses. The combination emits unique diffused light patterns throughout the room. In addition, it reflects off the walls, ceiling, and windows, enhancing the effects.

The randomness of the flicker is very similar to that of actual television. The intensity changes, the color and tint changes, and the random speed at which it flashes is similar to scene changes on television – some fast, others slower.

Best Fake TV Lights To Deter Burglars

1. Fake TV FTV – 11 Burglar Deterrent : Best Overall

best fake Tv light

FTV 11 is one of the best and brightest TV simulators on the market. They come from one of the well-known Hydreon Corporation. This TV copier is ideal for a larger room or installing the best false light further from the room.

The FTV 11 stimulates a luminous flux that faithfully reproduces the light from a 40-inch LCD / LED TV. The Fake TV lamp has 12 powerful LEDs and a chrome reflector to give it a realistic look. In addition, it has a switching operation. The light turns on after sunset in automatic mode as it has light sensors to detect the setting sun. It also has a four or 8-hour timer.

It emits an alternating flickering light exactly like the light from your TV. This also consumes electricity near a night light bulb and requires no drilling or wiring. You have to put it on, plug it in and go.


  • It comes with complete assembly
  • It emits flashing lights in alternating colors.
  • Has timer function
  • Consume less electricity
  • Mimics the light of a large television.


  • For small rooms, the light seems to be too bright

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2. Fake TV FTV -7 Light : Best Affordable

cheap tv light to deter burglar

This is another alternative if you have a small, secluded room on the patio or near the main entrance. This best fake TV simulator falls on the low end and is a good security option for any small space in your home.

The FTV 7 turns on the light from a 27-inch LED TV. Therefore, it is a good option for small rooms. The TV simulator has seven bright LEDs, so the light is not very bright, and a reflector is missing. It can be a general drawback, but it’s a worthy product compared to the price. Chasing, like the others, also has one-touch operations. The light turns on at dusk using its light sensors.

In case you want customization, the light has a 5-hour timer. The light does not require installation; no wiring is needed. Just take it out of the box, plug it in, and go. Finally, it uses the same electricity as a night light bulb, making it a more affordable option in the long run.


  • Affordable
  • Bright LEDs
  • Automatic timer and light sensor
  • No installation required


  • The number of LEDs is less
  • Only one timer option

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3. FakeTV FTV-10 Burglar Deterrent

fake tv simulators

This is a good option if you look for the best fake TV simulators with the lowest price range yet good quality. Again, this is the lower model of the Hydreon Corporation. This light can be a good alternative for any bedroom or patio.

The fake FTV 10 TV emits the light of a 27 inch LED / LCD TV. It has the exact number of LEDs (12) but lacks a polished reflector. The light emitted is suitable for bedrooms because it is not extremely bright. This is by no means a disadvantage; as extra bedroom light can be a bit suspicious for thieves.

Also, the light has a switch operation which makes it easy to use. It has built-in light sensors to detect sunset/sunset and turns on by itself. It also has a four and 8-hour timer if you don’t want the light to come on any time after dark. Works with a single AC adapter without the need for cables or digging. False TV light only consumes 2-3 watts of light and thus makes it the most popular alternative security solution.


  • Price payable
  • Automatic power on after sunset
  • It also has timers
  • A good option for bedrooms.
  • Consumes little energy


  • Not a good choice for large bedrooms or living rooms

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Deter Burglars Using Fake TV Simulators: Conclusion

Ultimately, if you’re looking for ways to deter thieves when you or your family tend not to be at home regularly, where people may recognize this, then Fake TV simulators could be a great addition to your home. Especially if you can’t afford an alarm system to protect your home, sometimes even the minor things can prevent someone from entering your home; watching TV batteries can be a deterrent to safeguard your home and property from potential thieves.


Why Don’t You Use Regular TV To Deter Burglar?

This is a fundamental question you might ask yourself. Chances are you already have a television at home. So why waste money on a fake TV accessory when you can leave the TV on? The reason is energy savings.

A TV can consume quite a bit of electricity, so leaving it on when you’re not at home can be expensive. On the other hand, fake TV accessories don’t consume much energy. Since the average cost of electricity is high these days, the price of buying a phony TV and running it for a month is usually lower than leaving the TV on continuously for the same amount of time.

Where To Position Fake TV

Please choose a location to see the FakeTV light, but not the FakeTV unit itself. For example, if FakeTV is near a second-story window, you can use it with or without curtains or other window coverings.

For a first-floor window, point the FakeTV unit at curtains, drapes, or translucent shades, so that they emit FakeTV light, but you cannot see the FakeTV team from the outside.

Will FakeTV Prevent A “Home Invasion-Style” Burglary?

No! A “burglary” means that one or more criminals break into a house thinking it is occupied. These criminals are often armed and often intend to commit acts of violence against the home’s occupants. Since FakeTV can only provide the illusion of occupation, an invader who wants to break into a squat will not be deterred by FakeTV or other simulated occupancy measures.

How Long Will FakeTV last? What Kind Of Bulbs Does It Have? Can They Easily Be Changed?

FakeTV uses LEDs that last for a long time. If you turn on your FakeTV every night, LEDs will last 20 years and more if used less frequently. FakeTV LEDs cannot be changed.

Can I Always Leave My FakeTV In The ON Position?

Yes, FakeTV is designed for continuous service.  FakeTV’s super bright and highly efficient LEDs will last for many years to come. In addition, FakeTV does not overheat or present a fire hazard