best dogs to deter burglars

Home security is synonyms with family safety. Are you as safe as you can be? Over 2.5 million home invasions are reported each year, a home robbery occurs every 13 seconds, and almost 2500 cars are stolen each year.

Burglary victims suffered a loss of almost $2119 on average per burglary in the last year. There is a growing need to take your home security up a notch.

Owning a well-trained guard dog is one of the canniest or canine next ways of protecting yourself and your family from unwelcomed people.

A good guard dog boosts home security because dogs sense possible peril at a level that humans cannot operate in. Heightened sense of smell and hearing are a great complement to your home security.

Dogs are also our best friends. Every family has happy memories of that very special dog whose antics and energy brightened everyone’s day who would have fought tooth and nail to protect everyone.

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Best Guard Dogs To Deter Burglars And Prevent Theft

Australian Shepherd

australia shephard

The Australian Shephard is incredibly smart, but that doesn’t stop its goofy side from showing. It’s a breed that loves to play, and that makes them great with kids. You’ll need to start training them from an early age.

If mot trained properly, the pup will herd your kids like a flock of sheep which might sound pretty adorable, but with a weight between 50-65 pounds, it’s not the best idea to encourage. These tough pups will protect your family, and especially the kids.


bullmastiff burglar deter to prevent theft

This breed is a cross between the extinct old English Bull Dog and the English Mastiff. Often called the silent watchdog, these strong and sturdy pups are fiercely loyal to their owners, making them one of the best guard dogs to deter burglars.

But while they’re born protectors, they’re also affectionate with a soft spot for children, fitting in well with growing families.

Estrela Mountain Dog

estrela mountain dog
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These gentle giants originated in Portugal and are still found in the most of the parts today. They’re highly courageous, loyal and protective.

As mountain dogs, they love to roam and need lots of exercises, so they’d better suited to a home with a large space. Great with kids and affectionate, they’re sure to quickly become a fond member of the family.

Giant Schnauzer

giant schnauzer guard dogs to prevent theft

Bred as a working dog, the Giant Schnauzer is intelligent and devoted to its owners. If given the right amount of exercise and attention, they’re placid and sweet-natured with a bark worse than their bite that keep robbers at bay.

They’re better placed with families that have older children and enough room for them to roam and play.



A Bulldog is an effective guard dog just based on his appearance alone, but they can also deter unwanted visitors through his temperament making your house completely anti-theft.

A Bulldog is an rather intimidating when he senses a threat and can cover short distances surprisingly quickly. They can be fiercely protective of their family and will spring into action if there is an intruder.

Part of the reason they make such good guard dogs is that they are incredibly strong. The English Bulldog is pound-for-pound one of the strongest dog breeds in the world.

They are very muscular dogs underneath those wrinkles, and you will be unlikely to ever defeat them in a game of tug of war.


akita dog to prevent theft

This breed is known throughout history as the ultimate protector, particularly in the Japanese culture. The pups have a fantastic work ethic and weigh between 100-130 pounds.

Since they were bred for work in the 17th century, they have excellent instincts. Akita’s are some of the best family-friendly guard dogs when it comes to their own family.

They’re very apprehensive of new people and don’t do well with children teasing unless they’re part of their family.

Since that’s what they were bred for, Akita’s are first and foremost protection animals. Plus your family will gain one of the most loyal companions out there.

They’re very apprehensive of new people and don’t do well with children teasing unless they’re part of their family.

Since that’s what they were bred for, Akita’s are first and foremost protection animals. Plus, your family will gain one of the most loyal companions out there.



Their look is enough to scare off thieves. With a weight of up to 100 pounds and their loud bark, they’ll frighten off anyone trying to invade your home. But they’re one of the best loyal guard dogs you’ll ever find. Rottweilers are super loving and will protect you with all they have if there’s a need.

Keep in mind that dogs can’t differentiate situations, and often they can react negatively to a non-threatening event. That’s why you need to train your dog.


boxer dog to deter burglars

This muscular breed is one of the more popular protective dog breeds for families. It ranks number 11 out of 197 breeds in the US. They have a loving nature and build fantastic bonds with children from a very young age.

Boxers are brilliant and can be very playful, so you’ll want to keep them busy with indestructible dog toys. They take their job very seriously and always do their best to protect your family. So they are good dogs for home security.


boerboel dog to deter burglar and prevent theft

Boer is the Dutch word for a farmer, and these dogs were initially trained to protect farmers. They’re one of the best farm guard dogs you can get- calm, confident, and intelligent. With this breed, what you see is what you get. While they enjoy playing, Boerboels won’t hesitate to attack an intruder.

They can weigh as much as humans (150-200 pounds), so be ready for some rough and tumble come playtime.

Cane Corso

cane corso thief deter dog

The Cane Corso (pronounced “KAH-nay KOR-so”) is an Italian dog breed historically used as a guard dog, war dog, and hunter. Its large size, heavy build, and deep-toned bark help ward off trespassers. The breed possesses an instinct for guarding. Its training should focus on obedience and honing its naturals skills.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

rhodesian ridgeback

Historically a hunting dog, the Rhodesian ridgeback has an intense loyalty to its family, making it naturally inclined to protect. This dog is an affectionate and noble breed that makes a beautiful companion.

This breed does not need guard dog training; it naturally heightens its protection instincts too much. However, basic obedience training is essential to give this dog structure. This breed needs to be able to listen to you and follow your commands.

Tibetan Mastiff

tibetian mastiff mountain dog to deter burglars and prevent theft

A Tibetan mastiffs are the ultimate guard dogs to deter burglars. No one is getting past this giant, watchful, powerful, and intimidating dog. Historically, this Tibetan guard dog protected caravans of people and herds in the Himalayas against wolves and snow leopards.

Today, the Tibetan mastiff is easygoing around family but tends to distrust strangers and may exhibit territorial behavior if threatened by a stranger. Though not the most affectionate breed, this is a loyal dog that will protect you and your family. This dog also needs structure through training and socialization.

German Shepherd

german shephard guard dog

Often used as police and military dogs, you may think German Shepherds aren’t bred for family life. But, with their friendly and loyal nature, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Easily trained, these dogs are adaptable.

If treated well and raised with a loving, affectionate family by their side, they’ll love their owners beyond compare. And not to mention, provide top-notch protection for their family home.

Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher

Doberman Pinschers might not be as fluffy, but they’re sleek and shiny, making them one of the best short-haired guard dogs to deter burglars. When I think of a protective dog, they’re the exact picture that comes to mind. With a weight of 75-100 pounds, they look scary and will attack if threatened.

These pups remain vigilant and on constant guard to ensure their owners’ safety. They’re fast too, giving intruders no chance of even attempting to run away. The breed, known as a protector worldwide, is a massive deterrent for home invasion.

Breeds To Avoid For Home Security

Dogs that do not make great guard dogs are those that are usually calm or low-energy breeds that will likely ignore strangers or welcome them into your home. In fact, you might have to protect your dogs from theft.

Super friendly canines like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, and Irish Setters are usually happy-go-lucky dogs that will welcome anyone to their home.

Dog breeds like Basset Hounds and Saint Bernard tend to be lazier and these breeds may not get out of its dog bed when someone enters the house.

Best Guard Dogs To Deter Burglars And Prevent Theft: Conclusion

When it comes to burglary, the last thing intruders want is to attract attention to themselves. This is probably why, according to research from the Co-op, a barking dog is second only to CCTV cameras when it comes to putting burglars off a house.

But not all breeds of pooch should dog lovers go for to protect their home. Some dogs are week enough to act sharp and bold to scare the burglars and thieves away. That is why you need to go for the breed that is a natural protector, always vigilant and audacious to act on a stranger.

Best Home Security Dogs FAQs

Do Guard Dogs Deter Burglars?

Yes, guard dogs are intuitive enough to deter burglars.

What Dogs Are Burglars Most Afraid Of?

Burglars are usually afraid of big looking dogs like German Shephard, Bulldog, Tibetan Mastiff, Rottweiler, and Bullmastiff, etc.

What Dog Breeds Can Protect You From Intruders?

Dog breeds like Australian Shephard, Bullmastiff, Estrela Mountain dog, Giant Schnauzer, Bulldog, Akita, Rottweiler, Boxer, Boerboel, Cane Corso, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Tibetan Mastiff, and Doberman Pinscher are the best dog breeds to protect you from intruders.

How Do You Stop Burglars From Targeting Your Home?

By keeping a guard dog in the house and installing CCTVs, you can stop burglars from targeting your home.