how antitheft bags work are they really worth it

Theft is the most common form of crime that happens around the world. Be it travelers, school, or office goers, everyone falls prey to pickpockets these days. To save themselves from theft, people generally turn towards anti-theft bags, as these bags claim themselves to be theft-proof.

But the question in most people’s minds is, how do these bags work, and are they really effective in avoiding pickpockets? In this article, we tried to answer these questions so you can make your mind to whether you want to go with these bags or not.

How Does Anti-Theft Bags Works?

So basically, an anti-theft bag, which comes in various forms like a backpack, purse, crossbody bag, etc has one or more special feature that makes them anti-theft. Because just one feature is not enough to tackle theft these days as thieves are getting smarter and meaner. So a backpack must have more than one anti-theft properties which are as follow.

1. Slash-Proof Fabric

The oldest and the most common trick that a thief uses to steal your belonging from your backpack is by slashing your bag with a sharp knife. This way they don’t need to open the lock or zippers.

In order to prevent your stuff from thieves, the first thing to look for in a bag is that it has a slash-proof fabric so that it doesn’t get cut using a knife or any other sharp object.

2. Uncuttable Shoulder Straps

If you use crossbody bags to keep your valuable items in it while you travel, then you must buy a bag that comes with metal-lined straps. In this way, the thief cannot cut the strap and run away with the bag itself.

3. Hidden Zippers And Pockets

A backpack with hidden zippers and pockets is hard to steal from. It’s hard to access your belongings for a thief on a bag that has hidden zippers as compared to the backpack that has exposed zippers.

Similar to hidden zippers, there are also hidden pockets on an anti-theft backpack. You can use these pockets to keep your most valuable stuff safe from pickpockets.

When you keep your pricey items in hidden pockets, it takes more time for thieves to get their hands on your stuff which results in delayed theft. And you might arrive in time, saving yourself from getting broke.

4. RFID Blocking

RFID blocking wallets and bags prevent you from identity theft as scammers these days walk with special RFID scanners that read the signal transmitted from your RFID-enabled credit cards and passports.

The scammers then use your personal data for all sorts of illegal activities. And in rare cases can even steal money from your bank account using your credit card details.

However, when you use an RFID blocking bag, it blocks the signals transmitted by your cards and passports and protects you from such advanced theft.

Are Anti Theft Bags Worth It?

While an antitheft bag cannot save you from getting robbed at a gunpoint, it does save you from pickpockets in crowded places or at least it delays theft so you can be aware and save your stuff from getting stolen.

Also, if the bag has RFID blocking technology, then it is also helpful in preventing identity theft. So overall, an anti-theft bag seems to be worth it and they don’t even cost you much.

You can get a decent anti-theft bag by paying a little extra money than what you would pay to get a normal carrier bag. But as it ensures safety, it’s totally worth it.


Do Anti Theft Backpacks Work?

Yes, Antitheft backpacks actually work.

What Makes A Backpack Anti Theft?

Properties like slash proof fabric, hidden zippers and pockets makes a bag anti theft.

What Is RFID Anti Theft?

RFID anti-theft is a process of blocking your valuable information from landing in the wrong hands through wireless transmission.

Are Backpacks Safe From Pickpockets?

Normal backpacks are not safe from pickpockets as they do not have anti-theft features.