There is fierce competition in the automobile market. Car manufacturers these days try to provide new and advanced features in their cars to lure customers to buy their products.

One such feature that car companies are adding to their cars is the keyless entry. This feature help owner of the car or anyone who has access to the car key to enter the car and start it without even taking the key out of their pockets.

Another advantage of this feature is that it has removed the large lock barrel from the car which was used to be on the steering column and possessed the risk of knee injury in a car crash.

So overall this feature seems to be very helpful and every car must have it…right? Yes, to some extent this is a very good feature and has made life easier for car owners.

But, it has also made life simpler for thieves. Now thieves don’t need to break into your car to steal it. As of now, they can get access to your car without even making a dent on it, and that too within a few seconds. Sounds frightening….isn’t it? But it’s true. There are many cases of keyless car theft being reported worldwide and the number keeps increasing.

In this article, we will see how thieves steal cars without keys and how you can avoid them in order to save your cars from being stolen. But before that, let’s understand how the keyless entry system work in order to understand how thieves hack it to get access to your car. So let’s get started!

How Thieves Steal Keyless Cars And How To Avoid It?

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How Does Keyless Entry Work?

When you buy a new car these days, you will see the key you get with it is different from what your old cars used to have. This is because these new keys are more of a transmitter device than a normal key, which means that they transmit a low-frequency radio signal that is received by a receiver in the car.

Once the car receives the signal, it allows you to lock and unlock the doors of the car by pressing the Request Switch on the car door. The same technology allows you to start the ignition by pushing the Start button without inserting the keys in the key hole.

So now you know how the keyless entry works. Now let’s find out how thieves misuse this system to steal your car without having physical access to the keys.

How Thieves Steal Car Without Keys?

Stealing the modern and luxury keyless cars is way easier for thieves then it would have in the old days where breaking into the car was a real tough job. Thieves these days use a special technique called the relay car theft in which they use special gadgets to gain access of your car. Here’s how this works:

Basically in a relay car theft crime, a thief will carry a special receiver cum amplifier device also called the relay box which he will place close to your gate or windows in order to receive signals transmitted from your car keys.

The second thief meanwhile waits with the second device next to your car. Once the first relay box receives the signals from the keys, it amplifies them and sends them to the second relay box.

As soon as the second device receives the signals transmitted from your car keys, it tricks the car into thinking that the actual key is in its vicinity and allows the thieves to open the car and start the engine. Once the ignition is turned on the car can easily be stolen without requiring the keys.

If you own a car that features keyless entry then you must be worried, but don’t worry. By following some simple tips you can easily protect your car from being stolen.

How To Protect Cars From Relay Theft Crime?

Thieves are becoming more and more advanced and are leaving no stone unturned to hack your car’s security system to steal it from you. To protect your car from thieves, you must follow these simple steps:

1. Park Your Car Inside A Garage:

If you have a garage, then there is nothing better. Placing your car inside a garage decreases the chance of it being stolen by a thief. That’s because breaking into a garage is not easy at all.

2. Place your Keys In Safe place:

Try to keep your keys far away from the doors and windows so that the thieves cannot receive the signals emitted by the car key. You can also wrap your keys in aluminum foil or place it in a metal container that blocks the signals.

3. Use RFID Blocking Products:

There are lots of RFID blocking products in the market that are used to block the low-frequency signals emitted by RFID-enabled devices such as credit cards, passports, car key fobs, etc. Like you get RFID blocking sleeves for cards and passports, you can similarly buy an RFID protector for key fobs.

Final Thoughts

While car technologies are getting more advanced, thieves and hackers are coping up with it in order to steal your car from you.

Keyless entry is no doubt a great feature to make your car driving experience more streamlined, however, this feature also makes the car vulnerable to relay car theft crime.

But you don’t have to worry. By being more alert and following the tips shared in this article, you can keep the burglars off from your car.

FAQs You Need To Know

Are Keyless Cars Easier To Steal?

Yes, it’s easier to hack a keyless car when compared to old fashioned cars.

Why Should You Wrap Your Key Fob In Aluminum Foil?

Wrapping your key fob in aluminum blocks the signal transmitted from it and prevents relay car theft crime.

How Far Do Thieves Need To Be From My Car Keys?

Thieves need to be a few meters away, usually 5-20 meters in order to receive signals from car keys.

Can A Keyless Car Be Driven Without The Key?

Yes, a keyless car can be driven without the key. But once it is stopped you can’t restart it without the key itself.