Gas prices have risen drastically in the last few years and so has gas theft. The thieves are always looking for something to steal and use or sell. And with rising prices of gasoline, their profits have also got hiked.

This costliness of gas also gave the burglars a better reason to steal gas from their automobiles. There are several symptoms showing that gas has been stolen from your vehicle, like, gas odor around your car, the car not starting, drops of gas around the fuel tank, a noticeable decrease in the fuel gauge indicator, less mileage, etc.

What can you do? There are a lot of things that can keep these freeloading thieves away from your vehicle. In this article, I am going to give you the remedies that you can use to protect your vehicle’s gas from being stolen.

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Why Do Thieves Steal Gas/ Fuel From Your Car?

Fuel prices have risen all around the world, and the costlier the target is, the more money the thieves get for it. There can be other reasons for stealing gas too, like if the thief wants to use it in his own vehicle.

They can sell the gas at a lower price than the market. This is also profitable for them because they didn’t have to pay for it anyway. The thieves have crystal clear motives to come after the gas in your vehicle.

How Can You Prevent The Gas In Your Vehicle From Being Stolen?

These are the solutions that you can use to deter gas thieves: –

1. Don’t Abandon Your Car For A Long Time

If you want the gas in your vehicle to be safe, try to avoid parking your car in the same place for a long time, especially if it is parked in the open.

A car parked out in the open and left unattended is nothing but an invitation for the thieves. Try to park it inside a garage or somewhere where you can keep a regular check on it.

2. Park It In A Well Trafficked Area

If you do not have a garage to park your car in or have to park it in a public garage, try to park the car in a spot where the area is well populated, like near the entrance of a shop.

This will scare the thief away considering that he could get caught easily if he tries to tamper with your car. Just make sure that you also have an eye on the spot where the car is parked.

3. Use An Alarm System

If your car already has an alarm system installed, try to activate it as soon as you have to get away from your car. If it does not have a pre-installed system, invest in one. This small investment can save your vehicle from being tampered with.

Any fooling around with the fuel tank of your vehicle will set off the alarm, alerting you and the people nearby and get the thief caught or get him to bail out.

Estink Car Alarm System is an excellent accessory that can serve this purpose.

car alarm to prevent gas theft

This alarm system is easy to install and can be installed at home (However, professional help is recommended for installation). It can be used on almost any car. The system uses 12V DC power.

However, no instruction manual has been provided so you’ll have to seek out professional help if you do not know much about cars.

4. Park The Car Under CCTV Surveillance

In case you park your car in your driveway, try to keep it as close to the house as possible. Moreover, get a CCTV camera installed that keeps an eye out for your car.

You can find CCTV cameras of decent quality for $25 – $30 on amazon.

Zosi Hybrid CCTV Surveillance Camera can do the job in this case.

zosi cctv camera to prevent ges theft

This camera is an inexpensive savior. It records the clips of day and night environments in high definition and can capture the thief’s face in no time. Also, it can help you deter the gas thief away.

5. Park It In The Open If Parking Temporarily

In case, you have to park the car in the open and go somewhere in the neighborhood, park it somewhere you can keep an eye out.

Under your watch, the car and the gas inside it will be extremely safe. No thief can get their hands on your vehicle as long as you are looking out for it.

6. Lockable Fuel Doors And Gas Caps

Most modern-day cars come with a built-in lockable fuel door and gas caps. In case your car does not have one, you should invest in one.

They are not at all costly and can save you from being robbed. Rovike Locking Gas cap is a good product for you if you want to equip your car with a gas cap.

gas theft prevention tank cap

This cap is compatible with most of the commonly used cars in the market like Honda’s, Chevy’s, Toyota’s, etc. In case you are not fully satisfied with the product you can return it and you’ll get a full refund in 3 days.

7. Consider Buying An EV

Ev’s or Electric Vehicles are an amazing way to cut down your costs, and protect yourself from gas theft. These vehicles are immune to energy theft.

If you are looking for a new vehicle, go for an EV. It will save your money and also save you the trouble of trying out all the above steps.

Car Theft Prevention Guides:

What To Do If You’re A Victim Of Fuel Theft?

If you notice that the fuel from your vehicle has been stolen, contact the police immediately, and file a report about the incident. You should also get your car to a garage and check for damages. If there is any damage caused, get the vehicle repaired. You should also call your insurance agent and report the incident so it does not arise any more problems for you in the future.


How Do Thieves Steal Gas?

Siphoning, that is, sucking the gas out using a hose is the old way of stealing gas. Nowadays, other methods are used. The thieves poke a hole in the tank using a drill that empties the gas tank within seconds. Also, they can get under the car and steal it from there.

Can I Put A Lock On My Gas Tank?

Yes, you can buy a gas cap that comes with a lock so that you are the only one that can access the tank.

Are Locking Gas Caps Universal?

Yes. Not all, but most of the cars in the world have a common gas capsize.

Is A Locking Gas Cap Worth It?

Lockable gas caps can surely protect you from being a victim of gas theft. So, if you’re looking for a way to prevent gas theft, invest in a lockable gas cap.