You’d be surprised by how often flat-screen TVs get stolen. According to the crime statistics by the FBI, TVs are among the top 10 most stolen household items, even more, common than keyless car theft. This is probably because they’re expensive and relatively easy to carry.

To top it off without a security system, it’s pretty easy to steal your expensive flat-screen TVs.

You can secure a TV by using either a cable, bolting the doors and windows securely, installing a security camera, an alarm, or using a vibration theft sensor.

Thus the best way of course is a complete home security plan that protects your home in layers, just like a castle.

But let’s assume you’ve already done most of that. What specifically can you do to prevent TVs from theft? How do you make sure your TV is protected indoors and outdoors and doesn’t become a statistic?

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How To Secure Indoor Flat Screen TVs From Theft

1. Lock Up Your Television

tv anti theft security kit

You can lock your TV to the wall mount to prevent burglars and thieves from easily running away with it. While some people have attempted to modify a bike lock to serve this purpose, a better option is a special TV anti-theft security kit.

How Anti-Theft Security Kit For TV’S Work

  • Screw a heavy-duty cable (similar to those on bike locks) into the back of your TV.
  • Add access caps over the screws to prevent a thief from simply unscrewing the cable from your TV.
  • Lock the cable loops end together with a padlock, securing the TV to the wall mount.

Thieves also won’t be able to remove the wall mount since, to get to the screws that hold it to the wall, the thief would need to remove the TV first.

An alternative to the anti-theft security kit is a locking TV wall mount. The idea is the same: the wall mount comes with a locking mechanism that requires a key to remove the TV from the mount.

Of course, neither of these options is 100% burglar-proof. However, they will likely stop the most opportunistic burglars.

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2. Place An Asset Protection Device On Your Flat Screen TV

vibration theft alarm

To prevent TVs from theft, you can use asset protection devices. Asset protection devices are small electronics that attach to your valuables and trigger your security alarm when the protected item is moved. When attached to your television, they have 2 main benefits.

  • It helps your monitoring station (and you) know the alarm isn’t just a false alarm.
  • It confirms that someone has broken into your home. This can lead to faster response times by authorities.
  • It protects the TV from someone who already has access to your home (like a housekeeper, pet sitter, etc.)

These devices can be brought online from various platforms that manufacture quality asset protection devices.

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3. Improving The Security Of Doors And Windows

door security to prevent tvs from theft

Doors and windows are the first line of defense for flat-screen televisions and also the most common spots for a home break-in.

Putting a property locking mechanism around all the doors and windows is imperative if you want to ensure the safety of your home and valuables.

The best thing to do is, install anti-theft locking on all the entrances. The locks should be sturdy enough to prevent the risk of forceful entry when you’re not in the house.

For windows, you could choose windows barricades or grills. As another layer of security, you could also apply shatterproof films to your glass windows.

If you also happen to have glass doors or French doors around the house, make sure to apply the glass security film on all the fragile components to evade the risk of break-ins.

Consider installing a strong locking mechanism on sliding glass doors, which makes it impossible for someone to unlock from the outside. This could cost you a bit extra, but at least it will safeguard your televisions from theft.

It should be noted that the ideal security for doors and windows may vary as per the type of entrances that guards your house.

How To Prevent Theft Of Outdoor TVs

1. Security Cables

security cable for tv protection againt theft

Security cables help secure a lot of things, including bikes, patio furniture, and more through their anti-theft locking.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t protect your flat-screen HDTV with thick security cables too. The key here is to choose an effective way to lock the cable. For this, ensure that there are holes on the side of your TV or the TV stand.

You can loop the cable and lock the ends of the cable with another object that cannot be easily moved. It could be living room furniture a refrigerator, or even an installed floor or wall mount.

Certain cables come with a loop on one side, and on the other, a U-lock. If you can get your hands upon such cords, you are in luck. It is pretty simple to anchor such cords with another object.

The next consideration is the length and thickness of the cable you want to use. You might refrain from purchasing an extra-long cable and deal with the hassle of wires.

Cover the screws with access caps to prevent the thief from unscrewing the cable and stealing the TV. If the wire didn’t come with the lock, you can tweak things up add a padlock and anti-theft key of your own and secure it with a wall or floor mount.

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2. Installing A Vibration Theft Sensor On The TV

Vibration theft sensors are good at measuring the frequency and amount of vibration emitted from a device that has been installed.

Sensing the vibrations could detect any movement and imbalances of the TV and inform you of the anomalies. Many of these can also work like alarm systems and send an alert as soon as the vibration is detected.

You could add an extra line of defense to the motion sensors by putting a vibration sensor in place.

3. TV Anti-Theft Security Kit

The “anti-theft security kit” title is a bit of an over-stretch. This is simply a security cable that requires mounting hardware.

However, it can go through the small VESA screw holes found on the back of most TVs which makes it convenient for wall-mounted TVs and others that can’t be secured with a regular security cable. Having said that, this is really a popular security cable used in hotels, churches, offices, and retirement homes.

I would get this if I was trying to make it harder for potential burglars. More as a deterrent than actual prevention because although the cable is strong, it could be cut through with a large enough tool.

The trick to make it effective is to position the TV so that the cable is out of view and reach from being cut. This is why it’s a pretty good choice for wall-mounted TVs. Plus, it’s pretty affordable.

4. Battery-Powered TV Alarms

prevent tvs from theft with doberman security alarm

A small device like the ultra-thin Doberman security alarm can be attached to any part of the TV. You can make it unnoticeable by attaching it to the back. The backside of the alarm is self-adhesive, so it’s easy to stick on any surface. If the surface vibrates or the object (in this case the TV) gets removed, the alarm will get triggered. It will produce 100+ dB of noise, which is enough to alarm everyone in neighboring rooms and beyond.

It’s a battery-powered alarm so it’s not dependent on electricity. Even if the burglar cuts of the power to deactivate other alarm systems, a basic alarm like Doberman will continue to function and give them a good ol’ surprise.

Also, the alarm can be turned on/off with a flick of the switch located on its front side. This is both a good and bad thing. It’s convenient for you and other users who you trust. But it’s also convenient for the thief. If they notice it in time, that’s it! So it’s important to conceal it.

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5. Install An Outdoor Security Camera

installing security camera for tv protection

A security camera can be installed to monitor the room or different entrance points. For outdoor use, it should be a weatherproof camera that can withstand wind, water, and harsh conditions in general. A security camera will increase the security of the whole place, not just of your TV.

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Prevent Indoor And Outdoor TVs From Theft: Conclusion

Here is the crux of what we have learned so far:

  • Make the TV immovable by using a security cable.
  • Use an alarm device, either an actual alarm or a motion sensor security camera.
  • Use a security camera primarily as a deterrent and to identify the criminal in case a theft or an attempt does occur.
  • Improve the overall security of your property by making sure that the entrance points are locked properly, monitored, and able to withstand forceful break-in attempts.

Whether you should implement one, two, or all four of these methods will depend on your particular situation. Overall, the breakdown of these security methods will help you secure your TV more effectively and affordably.


How Do You Secure An Outside TV?

You can install a security camera near the Tv or lock it with a security cable to ensure no one can steal it.

Can You Lock A TV?

Yes, you can lock a TV with the help of a security cable or lockable TV mounts.

Can A Smart TV Be Blocked If Stolen?

Not all TVs have this feature. Recently Samsung has added an anti-theft feature to their smart TVs but for blocking your TV after theft it should be connected to the internet.

How Common Is TV Theft?

TV theft is quite common all around the world. It’s one of the most common things that is stolen by the burglars from the house.