secure vending machine vandalism

Vending Machines are commonly used around the world and have proven to be very beneficial to the customers as well as the owners.

The owners can earn money, and the customers do not have to look for the nearest convenience store to grab a drink or get a snack. Just insert a coin, and your on-the-go snack is in your hand.

But do you really think that the thieves will leave anything that can get them some money? No, they certainly won’t. Even these heavy and strong machines are not safe from them.

A burglar can still find a way to get their hands on the money that belongs to the rightful owner of the machine. An unattended vending machine in a less crowded area sure is tempting for the thief.

You can’t do anything once your money is gone. So the best you can do is, take a few precautions to prevent this kind of situation beforehand. So here is how you can prevent your vending machine from theft.

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Effective Tips To Prevent Vending Machine Theft And Vandalism

Everything in the following section will prove to be highly effective if there has been an attempt to steal from your vending machine. From the next time, the thief will have to go through a lot of hassle to rob you and still end up in the hands of the police besides all their hard work.

1. Use A Vending Machine Cage

This might seem a little odd, but vending machine cages are quite fruitful in order to prevent theft. You might wonder how a person is supposed to use a caged vending machine, but using it won’t be a problem.

Specialized vending machine security cages designed for vending machines are out there in the market. The only downside is the price. Depending on the build quality and size, they might cost you a lot. You might want to invest in a cage if you can afford to.

2. Place The Machine In A Crowded Area

place machine in crowded area

If you pass on the first tip, you can follow the second one. Whenever a theft is attempted on your vending machine, it will be noticed in a crowded area. In fact, one will try to make an attempt in the first place.

This way, the thief will have to be extra conscious and most probably be caught before he succeeds in his act. Also, you do not need to invest anything. A public place is good enough to prevent this kind of robbery.

Moreover, there are higher chances of earning more if the vending machine is placed in a crowded area.

3. Invest In Vending Machine Locks

vending machine locks

A vending machine lock can also help you keep your property safe from burglars. These locks are not that expensive, and they can easily deter thieves and put them off into reconsideration if they should continue with the theft or not. Trust me; a big vending machine lock can easily discourage the thief and save you from being robbed.

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4. Install Security Camera

vending machine securtiy cameras

Security cameras can make the thief too conscious to be focused. If they spot a camera near the vending machine, they’ll abort the plan to steal or get nervous even if they don’t cancel the plan. It is better if the cameras are hidden.

This nervousness will lead them to cause mistakes, and there is your chance. You can inform the authorities and get them punished. Even if they don’t notice the camera, their face will get revealed, making it easy to catch and punish them.

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5. Warning Signs

install warning sign

If you do not want to install the camera, you can easily deceive the robber by making them think that you have installed a surveillance camera.

A warning sign that says, “You are under CCTV surveillance” or “The alarm will set off on any suspicious activity” can get the thief to terminate their whole operation right away. These kinds of signs can help you save your belongings from cheats.

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6. Get An Alarm System Installed

You can get a security alarm system installed on the machine so that the alarm goes off as soon as any unwanted lurker tries to steal from the machine.

The alarm, when set off, will surely grab the attention of the people nearby and get the thief caught. But the catch here is that the alarm system might cost you a lot.

Vending Machine Theft And Vandalism Prevention: Conclusion

All these tips mentioned above can save your vending machine from theft and vandalism. You can try using one or all of them at the same time and definitely see the results. Some of these tips require a little investment, so if you can, it is better to use these tips and invest a little amount in safeguarding your vending machine. The choice is entirely up to you.


How To Secure A Vending Machine?

Get a vending machine cage installed, get security cameras, warning signs, vending machine locks, and place the machine in a crowded area to prevent vending machine theft.

Is Stealing From A Vending Machine Illegal?

Yes, stealing from a vending machine is illegal and can get you 60 days jail time and a fine of up to $500. The second time, you can get 5 years of jail time and a $5,000 fine.

Can Vending Machines Be Stolen?

Thieves keep a keen eye on expensive items such as vending machines, so yes, vending machines can be stolen.

Do Vending Machines Have Pre-Installed Cameras?

No, you have to install the camera separately to secure your vending machine from vandalism.

How Often Do Vending Machines Get Vandalise?

According to a report, there are machines of value more than US $2 billion, out of which 10-15 percent are vandalized each year.