Air conditioners are a new norm in every household, even in second-world countries. All thanks to the increasing temperate, ironically for which the same AC is responsible. However, we are not discussing environmental issues here. In this article, we will deal with the increasing number of AC theft incidents that are being reported from around the globe. So, without wasting time, let’s see how to secure a window AC unit from theft.

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 Is It Even Possible To Steal An Air Conditioner? 

If you are using a Window AC, then you are at a high risk of getting your AC stolen. And if you live on the ground floor, then the risk multiplies ten times because it is much easier for thieves to steal a window AC from the ground floor than, let’s say 10th floor. 

Even if you live in an apartment with central AC or split AC, your outdoor unit can be stolen because it is more expensive than the AC itself.

How To Secure Window AC Unit From Theft?

Here I am sharing with you some AC window unit anti theft measures that you can take to protect an AC from being stolen. 

1. Use A Protective Cage

protect ac from theft

A protective cage made of solid metal is your first line of defense against AC thieves. You can hire a welder to make the protective cage for your Window AC or outdoor unit or get a ready-made one. It will need some investment from your end, but it will protect your AC which is much more expensive.

2. Lock Your AC To The Frame

If you didn’t invest in a protective cage, the next better option would be to lock your AC to the window frame using a solid chain and lock. If a thief wants to steal your AC, they will have to cut the chain or lock, which delays the theft process, and you can protect your AC from being stolen.

3. CCTV camera


When it comes to security, nothing beats a CCTV camera. So you should also make use of it to secure your window AC unit from theft. Make sure the CCTV camera is pointing towards the AC unit and visible to everyone.

4. Vibration Alarms

Vibration alarms are security gadgets that protect any of your devices from theft. All you have to do is attach these alarms to your AC unit, and whenever someone tries to steal your Window AC, the alarm will sense the vibration and get triggered. These alarms can be very loud, which will scare off the burglars. Apart from AC vibration alarm can protect your bike from theft or any other movable object.

5. Switch To Portable AC

If you switch from Window AC unit to portable AC, there is no risk of air conditioner theft. Although a portable AC won’t be as effective as a full-fledged air conditioner unit, it is still safe from theives because you can keep it inside your house.

Air Conditioner Theft Prevention: Final Verdict

AC theft is on the rise, and why not? Thieves also feel hot; jokes aside, you need to take care of your AC unit, especially if you use the Window AC, because it is much easier to steal. You can take the precautions I have listed above to prevent your AC from being stolen. The best thing you could do is make a protection cage for your AC or attach a vibration alarm to it. A CCTV camera is also a good idea to protect your AC from being stolen.


Does An AC Unit Have A Theft Alarm?

No, the AC unit does not have an anti-theft alarm you have to install it yourself.

How Do You Secure An Outside AC Unit?

You can put your AC inside a protective cage to prevent it from theft.

Can People Steal Freon From AC?

Yes, freon from AC can be stolen.