Lawnmower anti theft devices and equipments

Lawnmowers are such a blessing by science for households. Just turn them on, and the excessive grass on your lawn is cut down to standard size. Does it get easier than this? But even your lawnmower is not safe from theft.

A lawnmower is something that thieves can steal for their own good, and these little helpers are not that cheap. Lawnmowers are really costly, and their parts can get the thieves a reasonable price. So this makes their protection necessary. But how can you even protect your lawnmower?

There are multiple solutions to your problem. Many lawnmower anti-theft devices are available in the market to secure your lawnmower and keep robbers away from getting their hands on your property. In this article, we will discuss some of the best solutions.

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Why Do Thieves Steal Lawnmowers?

A robotic lawnmower costs around $1400, and a riding lawnmower costs around $2500. So basically, they are really expensive and can be sold for a good price. Moreover, the parts of these lawnmowers can be sold separately as well.

So stealing a lawnmower can result in a good profit for the thieves, because, of course, they got it for free.

Securing Lawnmowers With Anti-Theft Lawnmower Devices And Products

1. Look Out For Your Equipment

riding lawnmower

Theft is a crime committed when the thief has an opportunity, so why don’t you stop giving them that opportunity. Try to keep your lawnmower in a secure place that only you can access. For instance, keep it in your garage when not in use.

That way, it stays away from the eyes of the burglars, and they definitely cannot steal something they cannot see.

2. Use GPS Tracking To Your Advantage

First of all, no one would expect a lawnmower to be bugged. Compact GPS tracking devices can be used that are available at a reasonable price, and they can be hidden as well.

Using GPS Trackers you can always keep an eye out for your lawnmower when the thief thinks that you’re not around.

Tracki Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker is a fantastic product that you can use for this purpose. An international SIM card has been installed on the device so that you can track your lawnmower all over the world.

Tracki GPS tracker for lawnmower

Although a subscription is required to use the device, it will roughly cost you around $9.5 – $19.5 per month. But that is a very reasonable price considering the features of this product. It can go on for five days before it runs out of juice, which is considered an excellent battery life. If you think Tracki is a good solution to your problem, then here’s the purchase link for the product.

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3. Use Chains And Padlocks

Whenever you’re not using your lawnmower, try to lock it with a chain and padlock, it doesn’t matter if it is indoors or outdoors.

A chain and a padlock are likely enough to save your lawnmower from theft. But to get better security, there is another thing that you can use along with chains and padlocks.

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4. Use Motion Sensor Lights

Anti-theft lawnmower devices like motion sensor lights aiming toward your lawnmower can scare the thief away. The thief will try to get his hands on the lawnmower, unaware that the light will be turned on as soon as he is sensed around the lawnmower, deterring the thief away instantly. Here’s the best motion sensor light you can use for the safety of your lawnmower and other valuable stuff.

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5. Get CCTV Cameras Installed

Pairing the 3rd and 4th tip with this one, and you’re golden. The chains protect the lawnmower, the lights deter the thieves, and the camera captures the thief’s face.

You can use this combination and file a report of attempted theft while also teaching the thief a lesson to stay away from your yard.

You can find various good-quality cameras on Amazon. Blink Outdoor Wireless Camera is an awesome CCTV surveillance camera that you can install to keep an eye out for your lawnmower.

cctv camera for lawnmower theft prevention

It has a battery life of 2 years, motion detection, is waterproof, and can work with Amazon Alexa. However, your budget might take a hit if you purchase this product, but still, it’s totally worth it. A subscription plan is required to operate this product.

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6. Fence Your Yard

Fenced yards can keep thieves away. They can trick the thieves into thinking that if you have fenced your yard, you might have done some other things to protect your stuff.

A yard fencing is a good investment if you want to protect your stuff. It can be useful not only for lawnmowers but can secure your other belongings too.

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What To Do If Your Lawnmower Is Stolen?

The first thing to do is file a report. If your lawnmower is stolen, report it to the nearest police station. You cannot claim the lawnmower if it is later found by the police.

Secondly, you can call the manufacturer and report it stolen. The machine will be blacklisted, and as soon as the thing comes in for service, the stolen lawnmower will be immediately flagged. The authorities will be notified about the incident.


Do Lawnmowers Get Stolen?

Yes, lawnmowers do get stolen, especially riding lawnmowers, which are really costly.

How To Prevent Lawn Mower Theft?

Use chains and padlocks, keep it in a safe place and get a GPS tracker installed on the lawnmower. These tips can help you protect your lawnmower from theft.

What Is The Punishment For Stealing A Lawnmower?

A lawnmower comes under the category of a motor vehicle. A repeated offender was once imprisoned for up to 10 years for stealing a lawnmower. Hence, it is a punishable offense in most states of the US, with a few years in jail.