Thieves don’t just care about the valuables you leave in the car; they are also looking for your auto parts. Unfortunately, specific auto parts are beautiful to thieves, and they can go to great lengths to get them. Stealing an entire car is a dangerous job; most thieves resort to stealing parts that can be easily hidden and sold. It’s easier for them than stealing a car as a whole.

These thieves who steal auto parts are not only seen wandering the streets. Many of them flock to the port and are always ready to devour a car shipped across the country.

Some of the parts they steal are very expensive and rare in the country, and the demand is high. They steal, sell and earn money. They can still sell them at the Ladipo market; getting buyers is not the problem.

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Most Stolen Car Parts Around The World

1. Rims & Tyres

Most stolen car part

One of the most outstanding car accessories to steal is rims and tires. This is especially true for sports tires, which are worth much more dollars and cents. Although thieves can’t sell them outright, they can still take them down and make money easily that way.

What makes these auto parts so valuable to thieves? For starters, they are easy to steal. All they have to do is hold your car in some way and remove the wheels and their parts without any problem. Many aftermarket car alarm systems go off when they detect that the car is leaning (for example, when someone is lifting the vehicle to steal tires). However, this is rarely the case for warehouse car alarm systems.

Also, the rims and tires are very easy to sell. These scammers could pass it on to a seller or post it online. You can make use of anti-theft lug nuts that can help prevent car tire theft.

2. Car Batteries


Another popular auto replacement part among thieves is the car battery. Again, the reason is quite simple: thieves can remove them quite quickly.

Of course, the car alarm could go off when the hood is opened. However, once the battery is disconnected, the car alarm goes off instantly. Thieves selling car batteries can only get a handful of dollars. But for a desperate thief looking for cash, stealing a car battery is easy to find some money

3. Catalytic Converters

commonly stolen car part

Catalytic converters have precious metals inside, so they can make a lot of money if you ship them to a recycling center. These rare metals include palladium, rhodium, and platinum, which help turn harmful exhaust gases into less dangerous. Due to these metals, catalytic converters have become one of the most valuable parts your car can offer to thieves.

In addition, these parts are even more accessible, as they are part of the exhaust system. With a chainsaw and seconds, a thief can sneak under your vehicle and quickly cut the piece before running off with it.

4. Car Headlights

car headlight

When thieves are desperate, they spare no parts of your car. As a result, components you least expect will be stolen, such as your car’s headlights. It is like this! Your car’s headlights can also be sold for a little extra change, giving a thief reason enough to remove them from your vehicle.

As you may have guessed by now, car headlights are an opportunistic target. You can turn off those headlights and run with them in seconds for someone who knows what he is doing.

Other Commonly Stolen Car Parts & Accessories

Apart from exterior parts, thieves are always looking to steal the interior accessories and aftermarket parts of your car. Here are some quick examples:

1. Car Entertainment Systems

infotainment system

In the past, car stereos were chased by thieves because they were easy to remove and were worth a lot of money. Today’s thieves do the same with built-in DVD players, LCD screens, and all manner of sophisticated entertainment systems.

2. Steering Wheels


If you have a fancy steering wheel in your car, it can also become a target for thieves. Unfortunately, the ruffles are impossible to hide. So if you have a good one, a thief can see you out the window very quickly.

3. Airbags

Believe it or not, thieves often steal airbags. Some of the best auto parts thieves steal and sell to rogue parts dealers. These vendors will then sell the airbags as used parts or repair them on customers’ cars.

Anti Theft Devices To Prevent Car Part Theft

You have already parked your car in a good place. And you are sure you closed your windows and doors, but are they enough to keep your vehicle safe? Unfortunately, car theft has become the most common crime in recent years, and God forbid, your car could be the next to be stolen. Anti-theft systems and car locks can be of great help to avoid these types of situations.

When your car parts are sold separately, it is impossible to find them, so it is best to ensure your car is entirely safe first.

There are many ways to access your car, such as insurance, but the process can be exhausting, and you may not see anything again. Another great way to protect your vehicle from burglars is by using high-quality devices. From alarm systems to anti-theft devices, you will find the best anti-theft devices for cars in this list.

1. Dash Cam – We protect our homes with cameras, so why not do the same for our cars with the same technique? This dashcam records 1080p video and provides clear and sharp images even at night.

It is not only a camera but also a crime detector with its G-sensors. It records all sudden events like theft, broken glass, etc. In addition, the front camera can be rotated 360 ° to view the entire car.

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2. Steering Wheel Lock – Thousands of vehicles are stolen every day in the United States, so you need a high-quality product to protect your car. Thieves are not slow, but this wheel lock will stop them whatever their speed. The lock clasps to the steering wheel itself and protects it from damage.

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3. CarLock Warning System: Now you can sleep without worry; CarLock will protect your car at night. Almost everyone has an alarm in their vehicle, but CarLock isn’t just an alarm system.

It monitors your car and notifies you when a suspicious event occurs, so it will be for something serious when you wake up from sleep!

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4. Car Key Protectors – Thieves have become very talented in recent years, and you need more robust protections for your car.

It might look straight out of a spy movie, but thieves can copy your car key and get into your car. This Faraday bag provides a signal lock for your car key, so thieves cannot pick up the signals. In addition, this RFID blocker for car keys is straightforward to carry and has additional storage space for your items such as credit cards and ID documents. The jammer will protect them too!

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5. Mini GPS Tracker – When your car is stolen, the hardest part is getting your vehicle back, and trying to deal with insurance agencies is a stressful experience.

It’s best to be safe first, so here’s a way to keep your car safe without too much effort and money. Thanks to its small and slim design; this cheap GPS tracker will save your car from being stolen. It gives you the exact location of your vehicle, no matter the location.

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6. Safety Tire Clip: This tire clip wraps tightly around the wheel so that you can prevent theft with it. It is adjustable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and scooters. Installation is not required. Plus, it comes with two keys, so you have the other key if you lose or break one. Finally, it is evident in its red and yellow colors, so this lock will work as an intimidating factor on the eye!

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7. Car Alarm Security: If someone gets in your car and is away from home, you need a detector. This keyless car alarm system allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle and protect your vehicle. The system includes two 5-button remotes, a control module, a harness, a siren, and an LED indicator. If they choose your vehicle, they will regret it immediately!

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8. Wireless Burglar Alarm: What kind of thief would like to be caught red-handed? None, we suppose. If there is a super loud alarm system in your car. No thief will dare touch your vehicle ever again. It will activate and sound when vibration or flicker is detected.

The buzzer sound does not stop until the button is pressed. It is widely used in bicycles, cars, motorcycles, and scooters.

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Car theft is an urgent problem no matter where you are in the world. It doesn’t matter if you drive an everyday sedan or a premium supercar. It is fair to say that any motor vehicle is tempting for thieves.

If you think you need to worry about someone taking your car, think again. Sometimes thieves want to get away with specific auto parts or accessories, not the entire vehicle. The reason could be that this is an easier way to make money without the risk of getting caught in a stolen vehicle.